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I see alot of women are trying accutane and I know this drug can be very hard on your body. Please get your hormones tested first to see if this is the problem! Accutane is only a short-term solution when you stop taking it your acne will come back.

Here are my other anti-acne tips:

-Avoid xenoestrogens (in plastics, cosmetics, pesticides etc)

-don't eat meat unless it is organic

-try and eat organic as much as possible

-don't eat dairy (I am not sure about soy but I don't eat any soy)

-aviod sugar

-no caffeine

-avoid alcohol


-drink lots of water and herbal tea with lemon

Other supplements and vitamins I take are:

-Vit A, B complex, C and E



-Primrose oil

-Borage oil


-Flax seed

I wash my face with Burt's bees facewash and use Avolon moisturizer at night. In the day I use a face sunscreen with zinc since this is more natural.


I think hormones imblances are the main cause of most acne. For adult women hormone balancing herbs can get ride of your acne.

I use:

Don Quai

Black Cohash

Wild Yam


I am 29 now and I have had acne for many years but I finally figured out nothing I wash my face with is going to help. Acne is a result of an internal problem in your body.

Has anyone else had success getting ride of acne by balancing their hormones?

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