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I'm in Kansas City and it's snowing and icy outside yet they won't let us leave work.....I WORK AT A LEASING OFFICE!!!!!!!!!! It's incredibly frustrating. Beyond actually.

But my skin is doing pretty great. I've had three people in the last 24 hours comment on how it's looking smooth. It's exciting! I'm still getting small zits here and there but I haven't had a new cyst. I'm about to finish up 7 weeks. I'm looking forward to the end of it and so hopeful that I'll be one of the ones who is cured. :dance: ha!

My side effects still aren't bad. Dry lips and that's about it! On 60mg a day.

I just wanna go home......


And I'm definitely seeing a difference!!!!!!! Exciting. I never had the expectation to be completely clear so the small pimples I'm getting here and there and even small cysts don't surprise me. I always remember my derm telling me it'll get worse before it gets better. But I AM seeing a difference which makes me hopeful for the end! My back is starting to clear. I feel a zit coming up on my chin but again, can't expect to be clear a month and a half in.

My lower back has been hurting pretty bad but other than that and dry lips, I haven't had many problems. Even my skin isn't horrendously dry and I'm on 60mg a day. Oh.....and my energy levels are definitely not what they use to be but I'm trying to combat that with supplements.


My lips are super dry and red. Can't go without chapstick at ALL. Actually, I'm constantly putting aquaphor on them. Have the worst cyst I've ever had on my forehead. Hurts like hell and bumming me out a little. Anything I can do for it? So hard to look people straight in the eye with it because you know they see it...........argh. I hate it. A little down today.


Day 5 of Accutane!

Ok - I loved reading people's blogs about accutane. They helped me SOOOOOOOOO much and made me feel better about making the decision to take the drug. SO, I decided to start my own and hopefully help someone else!

It took me ages to finally make the decision to go for it. After tons of research, fear of the side effects, etc. I even got my first prescription back in September and totally freaked out. Couldn't go through with it. But here I am, on day 5 and incredibly optimistic about it. Hopeful that the ridiculous struggle with acne will finally be over. Or at least closer to being over. I get cysts. Nasty ones. It was time!

As far as the side effects, thus far I have dry lips. My derm said it might upset my stomach the first few days and I could get headaches initially. Haven't had a problem at all other than some exhaustion the second day. I know the dry thing will get worse. We shall see!

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