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Save Lives (SWAT)


So, I think that the alkaline/no gluten thing might work for some people, but my results seemed rather minimal. I think the reason I was showing some improvement, is because I was getting a tad more omega 3 from spinach and not getting so much omega 6. As soon as I had some Tofu and foods high in omega 6, I broke out the next day. I am now going with the 1:1, trying to balance out my omega 3's with my omega 6's.

So I am taking plenty of fish oil supplements. Today is day two. Lets see how things go, shall we?

No more damn acne, please.

I'm still going to eat healthy. But, I'm not going to hold myself back from pasta and bread n such, because it doesn't really seem to make that big of a difference. Omega 3's are also known to help with bodybuilding, so hey O_O. Maybe it'll be 2 birds with one stone.

Save Lives (SWAT)


Things are getting better, still. The sun went away for almost a whole week ;), so that sucked and messed with my "fun in the sun". I'm fully utilizing the alkaline/acidic diet and it seems to be doing good O_O. I have never been low on energy, really, but I feel like I have a pep in my step. I have no guilty conscience that the food I am eating is bad for me, which feels really good. It's no fun eating something and thinkin the whole while "oh no I hope this doesn't make me breakout". So that feeling is gone and my heart is light. :wall:

Progress. Check. That's what matters, and I very much believe in this.

I made my first omelette today:

5 eggs

Green Onions- diced

Green Peppers- diced

Asparagus- diced

Tomato- diced

Had a sweet potato, a granny smith apple and some diced cucumbers with it. My family was all trying a sample of it lol.

Save Lives (SWAT)


Ok, so things are going alright. I've just learned I was making some mistakes in what I was taking into my body STILL. Now, more than ever, I see the potential of all my skin being clear :wall:.

I just learned about alkalizing foods, and I am eating a load of them, luckily. I'm still having acidic stuff like Pepsi, V8, etc. So time to cut those out. O_O

Basically I'm eating this:




Those are my three main veggies

some tomatoes




chili (now i found out crackers are bad!!!)

lots of green tea

theres other things, but you get the general idea. its boring

Save Lives (SWAT)

Everything is clearing up, bit by bit. A few tiny pimples popped up, but I think they were leftovers from the bad eating before I started eating better. I've tanned in the sun twice this week. First was for 15 minutes one day. Then 25 minutes another. I've even been drinking some pepsi today and yesterday. I'm sticking tight to what I am eating. Tonight, I had Applebee's. It was a nice break and I doubt it was bad for me. Some shrimp, carrots, a little bit of loaded mashed potato with no sour cream (i hate sour cream), and some boneless hot wings.

Then went for a jog. I'm a tad bit sad, because everyone is outside hanging out with all their friends and having fun. I lost everything I had. But, it's ok. I'll just build from the bottom.

Save Lives (SWAT)

Ok, so I forgot to write about day 2. Things happen :wall:. I doubt anyone is reading this anyways, and I know I won't mind when I look back on it. So lets see, today I have started off with my regular "shake". Today the ingredients were

8 + ounces of water

spinach piled in there

snap peas (i hate these)



had some baked chicken which is loaded in protein for lunch. I'm writing this around lunch, so I don't know what dinner will be. It will be healthy, though ;). So far, things are doing alright, nothing new really popping up (no jinx).

I tanned for 15 minutes outside. I remember when I used to be out for hours tanning O_O.

Was pretty disappointed this morning, mainly because YET AGAIN I'm trying something new. It's just rough having to CONSTANTLY try out new things over and over and over for a freaking year. I was thinking about it, though. America has more acne than anywhere. We also have the worst eating habits... so.... 2+2. I think you see where I am going with this. I may have gotten away with eating whole bags of Dorito's for some reason a year ago, but not now. Oh well, if it gets me clear: AWESOME!

Save Lives (SWAT)

Ok, so things are going pretty good today ;). This log will be very handy to look back on, whether I clear or not. But I AM going to clear, I'm determined! Here's how I ate today, I'm quite happy, considering I usually get like 2-4 veggie servings per WEEK. And eat tonnnnsss of grains. No more.

Breakfast: Baby spinach leaves and carrots put in a blender with 3 large strawberries and about half an apple. It looked like something from a swamp :wall:.

Lunch: Chili with barely any crackers. Plus, it was all low sodium (except the starter kit) and very low sugars.

Dinner: 2 pork chops, lima beans, green peas and a baked potato. Used hot sauce lightly on pork chops.

Drank plenty of water, as always. O_O

If I get hungry (I will. I always do.) I'll just be smart and make some chili or have some steamed broccoli or something!

I feel good. It's almost like a clear conscience knowing that this is one thing I'm doing better for myself.

Save Lives (SWAT)

This is primarily just a collection of my thoughts and what I am trying so I can look back and keep progress reports.

I had acne on and off, yes. Then I got on sulfamethoxazole (bactrim) when I was around 17. Cleared me right up. Was getting ready for the military, so they had me get off of it, because I wouldn't be allowed that prescription in boot camp. Then my face went pscyhotic. APPARENTLY, when your skin develops a sort of dependency on this stuff and you have to be slowly weened off of it to avoid a massive breakout. Hmm, I sure wish my stupid derm would have told me that. He didn't. Believe me, I paid very close attention O_O.

So I started off around August of 2008 with acne literally everywhere. Birthday on August 27th. Worst birthday ever. I prayed to God as hard as I could to just free me of this. I felt like I was being punished for something, but didn't know what.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, I've cleared up dramatically. I know the reason I broke out so bad is because of suddenly dropping that medication. Now I can say I have about 10+ bumps or more (I'm not gonna count lol) and a ton of my redness has diminished. I've tried it all. Now, it's time to just say screw everything, I'm getting rid of this crap.

I'm declaring war on acne.

I'm done. This stuff is packing it's suitcase and the door is gonna hit it on the way out. Yeah, personifying acne :wall:. I was thinking about what makes me (diet wise) so much different from everyone else. Oh, that's right: I barely eat vegetables. Now I am going to change my lifestyle. I'm going to load up on veggies every day and be careful on what I put into my body. If it doesn't rid me of acne? Fuck. But, at least I'll be leading an even healthier life. I better be careful and make sure I get enough fat, though or I'll wither away ;).

I talk to God more and I'm trying to find some sort of peace with him. I know I can never be a straight up, sweater wrapped around my neck type, but I can improve as all can.

"The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all; he protects all his bones, and not one of them will be broken."

I pray that I can be viewed by Him as righteous.

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