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Accutane is anti-music

Lmao...why is setting this thing up like a trip to the dmv? haha. Anyways...

This accutane needs to relax. I'm not really down for the whole mega-chapped lips thing. Thankfully that doesnt affect the guitar playing at all BUT it does effect the singing part. unnecessary X 1000. So, if anyone is reading this and knows of a badass chapstick that can do the job (ladies, I'm looking in your direction) then now would be the time to speak up! I dont even care if it's shiney like lip gloss. ...I'll start doing 80's glam rock then for all I care haha. (notice I did say "Like lip gloss". ...Please...no lip gloss lol).

Somebody help a guy out. ...I like to smile. It's not supposed to hurt!

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