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Lery Miza

Know thy Skin

Hey every one, there is something we need to undestand regarding our skin and I will tell you in very few words. IT IS OUR LARGEST CHANNEL OF ELIMINATION. Yes you read right and what that means is that if we can not get rid of our toxins from going to the bathroom or our breath we get it out from our skin. Sab but true. We can clean our bodies throug sweat wich cleans our blood and more. When our internal organs are not working properly our skin is a way to see the symptoms. Our acne is not developed in our outer organ it is actually comming from inside as a result of deficiensies in ourselves. The most common one is hormonal inbalances, that is why some people (girls) get on the birth control pill to balance their hormones wich for some of them works but it is not the solution. This is really complicated if you want to make it that way but it does not have to be that way. Things get complicated when we don't want to confromt the reallity of the things and do it the cheap and easy way. It needs education from our part to become acne free but as you can tell we go to blinded people for guidance. How can you to someone to tell you what you have and what to do when the only knowledge he or she has is from the pharmaceutical companies, actually they are their salesman.

To really understand your skin we can start by understanding ourselves wich is BIG and someone can not tell you what you are like with just looking at you for five minutes or even less. This is great journey, so my friends who are serious about being trully happy and of course acne free the oportunity is out there for you to educate yourselves. Do not get discurage learning about yourselves because this is just an opportunity to get to know you better and do not waste it by doing foolish things.

Once you get things down and in harmony, your whole life will be different and sound. Even your future will be under your control and you will be rocking and rolling because you know you can overcome any challenge and more because you have change yourself.

That, I have experienced it and now I live a wonderful life enjoying my time with confidence and of course learning every day about more and more subjects on wich I am not familiar with but I want to be succesfull at and my confidence is far greater than what it is back then. I know I will be succesfull, very succesfull in my life and so can you but you need to take action...

Cheers to your life, Lery

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