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Day Two

So this is day two on my Delna's Method regimen.

I'm really loving waking up to a face that doesn't resemble an oil slick. That's way cool. What's even way cooler, is that my face also didn't oil up as much as it normally does throughout the day. It still did, but hey, that's my skin. Plus, I wear makeup, so I'm sure that adds to it.

I wear Maybelline Mineral Power liquid foundation. It's pretty good, provides good coverage and doesn't irritate my skin. However, it is NOT for oily skin, and the lightest color is too dark for me. I was using Almay Clear Complexion (♥ that stuff), but it was too dark for me as well.


I'm a ghost.


So if anyone has any suggestions on makeup for super-duper pale, acne prone, oily skin...

Lemme know.

But my ultimate goal is to stop having to wear foundation at all. NO, I will NOT stop yet, though. Not while I still have acne. I CANNOT do that yet.

I would die from embarrassment ;)

The regimen seems to be working well so far. Like I said, my skin is less oily. When I woke up this morning, my zits were yet smaller, which is awesome. I've only gotten one new zit, which is surprising for me.

Because as the dreaded time-of-the-month looms closer and closer, my hormones only continue to make my life hell and make my skin produce more oil than OPEC.

And, btw, to any guys who may, by chance, read this, sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable.


So, that this regimen is withstanding the gale force of my female teenager hormones, it super awesome.



Day One

Last night I officially started my month-long trial on Delna's Method. What is Delna's Method?


Cleanse Baking Soda

Tone with ACV (50/50)



[same as above]

Egg White&Lemon juice Mask every two nights

I'm also taking Nature Made multivitamins, 1000 mg Vit C, Folic Acid, 800 mg Fish Oil, 400 mg of Vit E every day.

Why am I using this method? It made sense to me. If you go and read it (I'll post the link to it soon), you'll see why. I've used Baking Soda in the past, and it worked for a while for me. It's the best thing to exfoliate with. Instead of scrubbing or scratching at your skin, it BUFFS. Which leads to a healthy, smooth complexion. But eventually I broke out from it. Why? Baking soda is too Basic (pH too high) to use alone. That's why you need something Acidic, like the ACV to balance it. An I've always loved Egg white masks.

I did this regimen last night. My skin is at a bad point at the moment, being that it's just about 1.5 weeks till my period, so my hormones are unhappy. RAWWWWRR, says the hormones. WE WANT TO MAKE YOUR SKIN HATE CHUUUU.


The ACV burns. But only momentarily. It seems to be the worst part of the regimen, so I can handle it, because the rest is fairly pleasant. Plus, the ACV makes your skin very smooth, soft, and closes your pores, which I love.

I just started it last night, as I said, so I'm not looking for an overnight miracle. But I did notice something when I woke up this morning. First off all, I had these 3 huge, red, angry, hormone-driven, painful zits, and in the morning, they were so much smaller & drier. Yay! And, something else. I have oily skin, and for the fist time, I woke up and my skin wasn't oily at all.



So far, so good.

The next few weeks will be rough sailing, because ol' Aunt Flow is coming for a visit, but I'm giving this 30 days, so we'll see where we go from there!


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