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well im kinda late starting at this and ive been on accutane for about threee months now and it wasnt pretty, having no acne at all for most of my life then all of a sudden it coems at me liek a brick soo hard and it was liek were did you come from ? but yea its slowly getting better but for me its taking to long, the first 2 months were like hell dry itchy skin acne getting worse and it was tough because just almost graduating highschool you really want to make it memorable but it wasnt liek that for me i became awfully quiet and kept to myselve alot i was really seperating myselve from my friends and it was tough id have constant back problems and it was like is this all worth it? as the worst was over all i had to worry about was the worst thing.. the extremly dry lips..UNBELIEVABLE its terrible as we speak ahah but its only the dry skin and dry lips really effecting me at this moment ive seen some changes in my skin liek softness around the acne .. im hopeing the fourth month i see some REAL changes ones i can say wow im excited for my finish and i hope to not feel consious about what people think of my face and wonder are they staribng at me and best of all not have to worry about wearing makeup and being natural and beautiful like i have felt beforel.:)

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