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One of my last, and non invasive, attempts to cure my teen acne

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I'm a snake

Well the pads are definately doing a number on my skin....in a somewhat good way! They are clearing my pores quickly and healing active zits! BUT i look all scaly and a little flakey ;) The jojoba is still working great for me!! My left cheek is healing nicely and I can only report 2 actual "pimples" on my face. They rest are just random tiny little red things or black heads. I have quite a few redmarks to be healsd :( especially on my poor cheeks.

I'm still eating TERRIBLE BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!! I'm don't gain weight easily and i don't lose it easily but the way i am eating i should be a fat ass whale!!! LOL and it hasn't really affected me too much (when i mean horrible i mean: Woke up ate nothing, at lunch i eat tuna sandwhich with cheese on whtie bread and water and sun chips, get home eat 1 slice of left over pizza, then i have a bagel with avocado on it and a couple chips ahoy and a monster energy drink and an iced coffe, then later i have a two pepsis and some popcorn and some licorice and 2 hot dogs)

ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahaha i am, just wow. My skin hasn't reacted lol.....my poor heart :(

okay i swear it, tomorrow i will be good to myself.

right now since my skin is so scaly, I have aquaphor on my face :)


Nothing new

Nothing interesting to report. I've added stridex pads into the equation and this could severly deterr (sp?) my progress. But my skin is good! yay! i have no gotten around to exercising lol i'm a lazy fool. But my back is doing well with the head and shoulders!!!



So I've started this system on Saturday the 24th of January. Now it is almost thursday the 12th of February. What is that, 18 days now? Of just washing usually once a day with my routine. It varies a little depending on how much time I have, when I shower, or just how lazy I am. Typically I don't cleanse in the morning or just wash with water and then i cleanse at night with jojoba.

Irritation is way down. Forehead? Is great. Chin? well, slightly cloggy but normal amount of zit activity. Left cheek is acting weird and I don't know why. I have four pimples there right now. 1 is quite red, bu no pus. The others are just healing. Right cheek is clear as is the right temple. I can't squeeze ANYTHING out of my nose pores! Isn't that incredible??? They aren't clogged at all!!!! but they're still big sorta.

I got a zit on my neck. I HATE those so much. But that has nothing to do with my regimen.

Just a day ago I start washing with head and shoulders because I heard it was good for bacne. Let us see :)

As far as diet goes. My diet sucks balls man. The past four days I've been totally on energy drinks and carbs and sugar and SHIT SHIT AHHH. Idk what's wrong with me. But my face is not really affected lol.

I'm going to start working out soon. Let us see how this affects? Alrighty.

Stay tuned mates


The start

Well, not exactly the start but i'm going to say so for the sake of this blog!

Hello all blog readers! This is my first blog...ever...so please bear with me. I'm 16 and i'm a girl, currently a junior in high school. Now, it may seem like my "teen acne" will subside soon without any interferance. But my undying curiosity and my stubborn personality will not give up, even after 5 years of this battle. I WILL get to the bottom of it. Just you see! My mom rolls her eyes at me..but when i look around at school I don't see anything comforting to my situation. And when I'm uncomfortable, hell i'm gonna do something about it! I'm persistant just like my acne. I. Will. Win.

I suffer from moderate inflamed acne, poor skin quality, oily skin, large pores and blackheads. I get many redmarks especially on my cheeks and chin. I get cysts around my period, several nodules a month (they always looks pretty icky), random pustules...

Places of my body that have never been clear:

Chin--always something going on, may it be blackheads, weird white skin colored bumps, cysts, nodules, pustules, cluster-fuckers, and an occasional infected zit that turns yellow. very oily

Nose-- always clogged, large oily pores, never any zits though. I still recall the today that i was first concerned with the oil. Eight grade american history class. I accidentally touched my face and my nose felt terrible. From then on I blotted with my sleeve. Now, in high school I go to the bathroom between classes and blot ;)

temples-- see chin, except no infected ones

Cheek bones---only within the past year have i had this problem. they take forever to go away (papules and pustules and nodules) and they leave a mark very easily. This is the one place i wish was clear

Chest-- i have been zit free, but the pores are always weird looking like goose bumps. i don't know what this is

Things I've used in the past:

Proactiv (2x)

Cliniqe 3 step

Differin 1% cream


Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer

Cetaphil products

Tea tree oil

Icing everyday

clay masks

aspirin masks

Glimpse skincare

A whole line of dermalogica

clearasil stuff

neautrogena (everything basically)

Clean and clear (" ")

Random concoctions (with honey, avocado, lemon, yogurt, wheat germ, banana, infusion of bark of a madrona tree, etc)


Lemon Juice

Urine therapy LOL only for about a week



AHA stuff

St. I've apricot srub

and much more, my poor brain is too tired. I just studied for a calc II test I have tomorrow. fun fun i know.

My current regimen:

Wash with water or blot face (either way depending on how tired I am) in the AM

Apply Clindamycin 1% gel

Put on my Everyday minerals (v. good i might add :) )

Cleanse with jojoba oil and wash off as best I can in the PM

Apply clinda

Yeah that it man! I'm just going to lay of my face for a while. Too much irritation from the ACV (yes even when diluted) and lemon juice and cleansers....yikes.

You might think, what in the heck you aren't really washing your face!!! But I can tell you that my skin is slightly less broken out than usual and I have been doing this for almost two weeks now! In fact, my nose pores are SMALLER and less clogged even though the sebum is washed off less often! My forehead is DANG good. And the parts around nose are even clearer than they usually are.

So this is basically my little blog. I hope you want to see what'll happen in the next few weeks If I stick this out. I'll keep you posted. I'd like to add pictures but I don't have camera. I'll look into it though!!

ALSO! I'm going to start a non-inflammatory diet (foods with low gylcemic idexes) soon and I'll let you know if that does much.

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