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Well, I have decided to begin this blog as a means of keeping track of my progress. I figure why not keep track on here so that the time I take to do this journal keeping is useful to someone else who might be interested. I know I have benefited form reading other people's posts so why not.

I have had acne ranging from minor to moderate-severe over the past 2.5 years. I am 23, so its borderline adult acne

things I have tried but don't work

1) minocycline (works a bit)

2)benzaclin alone (same)

3) retin-a 0.025 (same)

4)tazorac 0.05 (same)

I am not trying to attack this hormonally by taking yasmin- around three months in, spironolactone (100 mg/day), and using retin-a and duac as a topical (same as benzaclin). The retin-a is verging on 2 months; the duac is a recent addition.

i was doing well but never seemed to not have at least one pimple

something broke me out i think and I think i spread the bacteria from touching! I never know though. I was having a lot of peeling so I used some lac-hydrin. This may have been a more comodogenic product than I thought


current state-

4 whitehead-ish pimples

lots of red marks

indents/scarring which I am also logging the progress of using retin-a. this is minor but in certain lighting i feel EXTREMELY UNFORTUNATE, to say the least.

I will keep track here now and then.

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