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Hi Guys!

im setting up this blog for a few reasons

one is to keep a journal of my skin

i can never really remember what my skin was like a month ago and therefore cant compare if its better or worse so i want to have a way of tracing my progress

and the other is so i dont slack off ( ha we will see if that works).

ok to start off im going to describe my skin type and its current state, history, habits,products and just whats going on in my life (stress tests periods you know)

so my skin is dry and oily... oooo yes you know how they say your skin is either one or the other? yep my is both (more dry this time of year but yeah)

my skin is oily under the first layer and then dry in patches close to my nose and chin

what this means is that some days i wake up... wash my face dry it put on moisturizer and then after it drys i can sometimes pick off flakes of dead skin that have like an 1/8 of an inch circumference(yuck)

when i was a little younger my skin was even oilers and i refused to put on moisturizer cuz it make my skin feel nasty( even oil frees actually more with oil frees)

moving on... brake outs all shapes sizes and forms. in general i get a fair amount of black heads(pretty small the kind you have to really look to find) large round white heads (usually not with allot of red around them and lately(within the last year and a half) the newest addition deeper rooted white heads you know the ones that hurt.


iv been gettin brake outs since i was about 12 or 13 it was the Worst! when i was about 14-15 i cant even look at the pictures from back then.

no one in my family has acne the way i do... they brake out every now and then... my mother has more now that shes older but still not so many.. my sisters get them around their period

i always get worse when i travel my skin could be clear as day and when i start traveling i start braking out all over the place... i tend to get lots more black heads and zits around my chin.

i didn't scar at all until about a year ago and since then its been getting worse (allot of the reason im starting to worry more)


i think allot of you can relate to this so i dont feel so horrible saying it

since iv had acne for so long... one of the bad habits i cant get rid of is picking at my skin..

popping.. scraping squeezing etc. you put me in front of mirror with nothing else to do and no matter how hard i try i always go there.. iv gotten better.. im really hyper clean about it, i wash my face and hands use neosporen.. but i still do it

its so bad... you know when your leaving the house in like an hour and you know if you pick at your skin it will get all red and make it just look worse? but you cant stop you just want all that nastiness out?

wow i feel so much better now that i have that out there

ok so normally this is what i do with my skin

if my lazy

im lazy... always have been always will be no denying it try and work with it

i use these wipes called ponds dramatic results they have vitamin A, retinol and collagen

what they are suppose to do is even skin tone and help with wrinkles (im 24 have olive skin dont spend to much time in the sun but i feel its never to early to think about that)

ok but what they do thats so great is Really get all the dirt from the day off.. kinda like stridex pads but they dont burn or dry out your skin

if its night time i just go right to sleep if its morning i use Johnson's baby lotion mildness.

iv used sooo many different kinds o moisturizers on my face (really trust me sooo many)

and this is the only thing i really like (i use something different under my eyes though)

ok but if im not lazy...

i use clean and clear daily pore cleanser, iv been using this for years along with other stuff and alone.. i love it it makes me feel clean but isn't harsh and helps take away some of that dead skin i was talking about... normally i use it with a pretty wet face but if i was to exfoliate more i use it with less water and spend more time working the little "micro scrubbers" into my skin.. i have huge pores so i like it when i feel like something i getting in there and getting the dirt out.

i pat my skin dry (never rub or be aggressive with a towel thats something i learnt along time ago and its taken me a long way)

once my skin if dry i give a few more seconds to Really dry and brush my teeth (p.s. also something that has helped my skin in that past... the better your oral hygiene the better your face.. i dont know why i just know when im really good with my mouth my face thanks me)

ok so right finish brushing put on lotion depending on the way my face feels.. that how i test how much to put on.. if it feels oily i dont put on as much if its feeling super supper dry i put on a layer let it dry for about 10 min then come back and put on another layer.

i dont wear allot of make up eye shadow liner a little bronzer sometimes i put cover up in small spots and under my eyes. i might need more but i hate that look of bumpy makeup face.. id rather just do nothing at all.

current state

my skin is somewhat dry, i have little bumps on my all over and this big old zit on my left upper cheek that wont go away.. i pop it.. it gets filled with puss again.. i pop it a few days later it becomes big and red i put something on it it gets puss in it an so on..

i just got these two twin zits on the right side of my cheeks and one in the middle of my lip.. i feel one coming in on the left side of my nose.

i have little bumps near my ears and some white heads on my forehead. i

i have a zit that hurts coming in on my left eyebrow and a few others here and there.

here is what im trying... im NOT putting BP into my mix im trying HP hydrogen Peroxide Aaron's brand (cuz it doesn't have stabilizers)

im trying this b/c i happened to run into allot of stuff online about while i couldn't sleep last night, its cheap! about $1 for a 16 oz., the idea is right... your body needs oxygen HP has more then water.. that helps cleans your skin, if it works on your teeth maybe it will work on your skin (did you know that all crest white strips are is peroxide?thats what sparked this all for me)

i this doesn't work the next step is BP.

ok so i got home today with my new bottle of HP and im sitting in front of the TV and i grab a cotton things (you know those flat one i dont like the balls i always feel like i have cotton all over my face after) and i pour some on and i start lightly going over my skin for about hmmm 5 minn.. after that i go into the bathroom and put on Johnson's baby lotion.

my skin feels really soft right now

so good trial run.

so heres the plan

do what i do but... use the HP twice i day after i wash my face and before i moisturize.

here it goes!

i know that was all kinda a bor but i hate it when people dont lay down the ground work..

some other notes.

i think diet plays a huge role in your skins health (also lifestyle but im not about to preach about that)

i think right now my body is kinda unhealthy. i love junk food and salt and i hate drinking water.

allot of my friends are really centered in caring for their bodies and they cleanse and watch what they eat. they have all been huge role models for me so im going to try and go in a similar path and do some good for my body.

about two weeks ago i stopped using refined sugar...

ok let me say that again that.. when i make something i dont use sugar

i use grade B maple syrup its better for you in SO many way look it up!

im not so good about it every now and then i eat something with sugar in it..

the difference? now after i eat sugar i feel sick my veins hurt!

i also cut down on coffee and drink Mate tea with milk and MS (maple Syrup) in the morning.

pretty soon i want to o the master cleanse (also suppose to help with acne) but i want to wait till i feel like i can really do it.

also im cutting down (slowly) on processed food and wheat

i use to eat pasta almost every night.. this has been kinda hard.

and im trying to trick myself into drinking water..but i still dot like it.

i also switched to a tea tree tooth paste with baking soda.. so that might effect my skin to

we shall see

bye all im off to wash my skin


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