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so i have been teching for a play..and the rehearsals and the shows have been pretty stressful. and very late.

and i was exhausted physically and emotionally cuz i wasn't drinking water...at all. :doh: baaaaad idea.

during the show Saturday i got a migrane and felt horrible...and i continued to be drained until Sunday. At Church...i started crying. and i had NO IDEA why. lol. it was embarassing!

i am fine now tho, and i am drinking water.

my face is looking good. a few pimples on my cheeks, but other than that...AMAZING.

i got a new makeup kit i LOVEEEE it makes my acne look not bbad at all. AWESOME.


okkkkay. i guess i am getting my IB. jooy.

right when i didnt want it.

tomorrows my birthday. and i start practice for a play.


weird tho....only one side of my face is broken out. the other looks great! haha :) whats up with thatttt?

i am on month one. i am in love with accutane tho. everytime i see a pimple now im like OOH look another one! last time to look at that stinker. bahaha.

my skin:



pores look better

less acne...on one side...lol


very chapped lips, they split yesterday...ouchy.

other than that one side of my face.... :) im happy!

stay with it guys. its worth it.

yall are beautiful, with or without acne!!!!!!!


one month downnn

I've been on Tane for a month!!!!! and so far...no major breakout. i thought a week or so ago my IB was coming...but it didnt. maybe i wont have one?? SHH. haha

ive had mood swings like crazy. those are a blast. :doh::):):D:D

god luck to y'all!




i am starting to break out.

i was looking so great...

but today, stupid whiteheads. ugh!

is this normal? i know about the IB. and i am a month in. so it makes sense...

how long do IBs last?

I am teching for a play next week and i really really reallllllly wanted to look good. ARGHH!!

haha, course id look like this now. :doh:

thanks for any comments!


i started accutane yesterday finally! i am so excited!!!!!!! my body was so tired tho. maybe i could get some feedback on what people felt like when they first started??

i am beyond happy now to be on the road to clear skin!!!!!! :dance::(:mad:


yo yo

so i havent posted in awhile.

i start accutane next week :mad::boohoo::boohoo::dance::(

i am so happy.

i am breaking out kinda bad cuz its that time. lol. but it should go away soon.

my bro is on accutane and his face looks great...no dryness...its cool.

so i guess ill post more soon!




my bro gets to start accutane now. and i will start in 31 days cuz of the stupid preg test.

but instead of using Accutane we are using a generic brand called Soltret. anyone use this? :)

whats the best lotion and face soap?

thank youuu!



so...i guess im gonna start solodyn again for this month. UGHH. i really wanted to start Accutane. the most frustrating thing is that my bro, he gets to start now. cuz he is a guy. yes..i am wishing i am a guy right now. :) but. haha i am not. so i well. i guess i can wait one more month.

thats about it...

oh! i am hoping that by the time i start Accutane i will be almost clear before my summer camp at the beginning of July. ;) or is this a crazy wish?? i shall try to be hopeful.



Today has been good. im taking my last solodyn today. they didnt seem to work. this is my 3rd moth. Anyone have this problem?

today my mom told me i had too much makeup on..i am tired of trying to cover up every sopt haha.


sad day. veeery sad.

well. today is just not my day...

i went to go get my lab work and they said that they couldnt do it till next week. i was sad but i knew i could wait one more week.

but then the nurse asked if i had my two pregnancy tests. and i havent. i had one in DEc and it was negative (haha) but she said i would have to was 30 whole days before i could start Accutane. i am so depressed. i almost burst into tears right there. :) i am so sick of being ugly.

i guess i will have to wait longer. oh well...




I am so excited to say i will be starting Accutane in the next couple of days!! I go tomorrow for my blood work. jooy. But i am so ready!

i have had acne since i was 13. I am 18 now. Its not realllly bad..but it bothers me alot. All of friends have nice clear skin so i am always embarassed when they look at me..or when they talk about how they dont wear alot of makeup. I tend to wear alot just to try to make it look like i am clear. haha. i am so excited to start accutane and hopefully get ride of this nasty stuff!!!!!!!! :)

i am really nervous about the drynesss tho. my face already gets soo stinkin dry. what kind of lotion is good? my dr said about 1 month of dryness. is that pretty accurate?


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