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solodyn not covered on my insurance???? wtf??

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solodyn changes??

this is complete bull crap......thisis my first blog and i want to use it to talk about how darn corrupt american health systems are... i used to be on solodyn 135 mg... it worked reaaaaaaally good.... i lived for that stuff.... well, when my insurance got shut off for a couple months i went without it.. i just recently got it turned back on hoping and excitedly jumping around because i was gunna get my solodyn back. (because my face had gotten preety bad without all my medications) i go in to get it and they say that because solodyn " changed the ingredients" in the pill.. the insurance doesnt cover that particular ingredient...


has anyone heard of this change??? it wasnt a problem on the insurane before! when i was on the 90 mg i actually got it for FREE!!!

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