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My Acne History

I am currently 16 and my family has had acne problems since we were in like the Ting Dynasties (exaggeration not intended).

When I was in 7t grade, my acne started under my lip in the chin area. It was very pestering, but it wasn't very noticeable.

Then in 8thgrade, my acne started to spread toward the side of my head in my temple area. It was very aggravating. It would be very embarassing to walk in school. My left side of the head was good, it was just my right side. Thats also when i started using an reknowned acne treatment called Proactive. It worked! for while... After a while, my skin was very sensitive and vulnerable. I started getting bunches of white heads. And probably not a bright idea, I started popping them, oozing out all that pus. Kinda gross actually.

9thgrade- My acne started to heal, but all the popping got me bunches of scars.

9thgrade second term- Breakout year. Started to break out on right temple area again. Plus started on my left side as well.

10thgrade- Proactive treatments helping me, however, not sufficiently. I have bunches of scars. Mild acne. But all the scars look like acne. lol... Anyways, the acne has started to creep down toward my neck

10thgrade2ndterm (currently)- I have acne scars on my left side and right. I have tried medermacream. I thought it helped, but i think i was delusional at the time.... haha. Anwyays, I have 3 acne scars on my left neck area, acne scars on my left temple area, right cheek, acne on forehead. Im rather kinda pissed. My friend sitting next to me in class was like, dude, your face is so pimply. And i was like, all like up in his face. He then recommened accutane. And i was like What is that? He said his brother uses it. (But his brother never had an acne problem???) Anways, so i got my dad to search it, and hes like it weakens your bones and that will hurt your workouts on the bench. Now ima go to a dermatologist soon, hopefully


Tyler Liang

Acne Sufferer for years. Needs help!

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