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Just a place to express how awesome my skin is looking. ;)

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2-16-09 :)

Wow, my skin is looking clearer than it's looked in years!! I am so excited with the way I look. My skin is looking clearer and more radiant EVERY day. Running my fingers along the flawless satiny face of mine feels AMAZING. I am so lucky and so excited to have such GREAT skin!!! Along with the topical ointments and the Septra, I am also adding a cup of lemon water in the morning(the juice from 1/2 lemon) and incorporating as many vegetables as possible into my diet, drinking V8, and taking a multivitamin. I am also washing my makeup off as often as possible before I workout.

I am excited about the lemon water, it is supposed to detoxify the body, make it more alkaline, and provide shiny and luminous hair as well as flawless skin. i am soooo excited!!!! ;)


Saturday Feb.7, 2009

New Regimen:

Septra 2x daily.

AM: Aczone topical ointment

PM: Differin 0.3%

Doctor's Prediction: Totally clear gorgeous skin for me!! :)

Im pretty excited.

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The Acne.org Regimen
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