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8 weeks

for some reason ive flared up in the last few days :/ got quite a few nasty ones.

havent really had any big ones in a while, these show no sign of going for a few days at least, which is a shame cos i go to spain tomorrow for a week with a load of beautiful girls with perfect skin. not looking forward to hiding from the sun. sun is what i used to love most!

but ive bought loads of factor a million and hopefully i can stop from turning into a lobster.

up til now though my skin has been improving, and still on the whole its loads better. im hoping to see real improvement in the next month. but the dermatologist said i might not see any change for up to four months. its so hard being patient!!! most days i have been much happier and my skin has been more manageable. i keep thinking its getting better... then it flares up again. its very frustrating. but still, like i said, compared to two months ago when i started to now, my skin is a hell of a lot better.

all the other blogs ive read by people keep saying to stick it out, EVENTUALLY it will get better.

i think this is good advice, and seeing the results of other people on roaccutane has been an inspiration. i reccomend checking out lara's accutane blog. i always look at it when im feeling hopeless and like giving up, she looks amazing now.

anyway, to everyone else on accutane, lets keep hanging in there! x


got a week left til i reach the beginning of month 3 mark.

hopefully in month 3 i will start seeing real improvements.

skin is breaking out less ferociously, everything seems calmer, but it still all looks shite cos of scarring and am still getting little ones that seem fairly ok but then leave a scar.

going to spain in 2 weeks and really worried about all the suncream and stuff im gonna have to wear, im not gonna be on beaches or anything but still, ive never been the kind to have to wear suncream fro just a day walking about in the sun, i tan easily and have never burnt, im worried i will forget about putting it on as im not really used to it unless im on a beach.

hopefully it wont be too much of a chore, the acne itself is already going to ruin what would have been a nice trip. oh well. if it clears up eventually it will all be worth it, imagining myself this time next year with clear skin, all scars gone and everything - as i think they will heal they arent tooo deep, is the only thing keeping me going at the moment. that and emersing myself in school work, i seem to ahve come out of my depression and have been able to get on with life which has felt amazing, just to be able to get out of bed in the morning, and to go a whole day without tears.

im finding it hard having to stay at 9stone for my accutane, my dermatologist says to carry on with 60mg i need to not lose any weight. but i was feeling fat when i went to her as id recently put on half a stone that i planned on getting off again. obviously im not going to lose it because clear skin is more important that anything to me, but feeling down about my body aswell is hard =/

i just cant wait til everythings over and for once in my life i can just have a normal appearance, maybe even feel good about myself.

hope everyone else on accutane is getting on ok xx


gone up to 60mg as of yesterday.

skins currently in the midst of a breakout, just the normal kind.. not brought on by the change of dosage, was already coming...

i thought i was safe from the intial breakout by now as ive been on it a month but i had a different dermatolgist and apparently 'you can flare up within the first 8 weeks' i dont know if she means 8 weeks including the 4 ive already done, or 8 weeks now im on 60mg... god i hope not. i am going to spain at the beginning of april on a school trip and i dont want to still be breaking out then it will be really hard :)

also my new dermatologist, who was loads nicer and made me feel much more positive than the last one, told me the drug is most effective when taken in the evening after a huge meal.

(would have been nice if id known that to begin with as i had been taking it after my cereals in the morning!)

would like to hear about how other people are doing, especially concerning the flare up... and how much longer til it stops!! another month... or two... seems like forever!

my sympathies to everyone else struggling with acne it is one of the hardest things ive ever had to deal with, and good luck to those on accutane also x peace x


20th day on accutane...

sorry about my last post. ive decided to quit quitting smoking so shouldnt happen again...

skins still ok, its cool that its not oily anymore like i put powder on in the morning and im still matte in the evening. its good cos my make up looks better so im happier about that.

spots in general are smaller... acne just looks less angry on the whole.

actually looking acceptable with foundation on now, which means i have been going out more and generally more happy. hopefully thinks will just keep improving from here.

although once my dose is put up i suppose i will have the dry skin and all that, how bad did anyone on accutane found this got?? is it manageable with lots of moisturising?? im just worried my make up will look shit and i will be back to where i was before, not wanting to go out cos i look yukkyyy...



having a bad day today.

got a horrible spot right at the corner of my mouth, it could even be a cold sore or herpes who the fuck knows. its a bloody bitch is what it is. my skin isnt really too bad on the whole im just stressed and feeling shit because im going to fail my stupid as levels.

not feeling positive about my skin at all today because of this.

to be honest even if accutane works and it gets better, it could come back, i might be left with scars, its just fucking shit. i just want to be NORMAL and for things to be SIMPLE. to be able to go out all weekend and stay round friends and not have to always come home to mine to take off my make up and look after my bloody skin. nobody should have to put up with acne, i really hope they find a cure, like a proper gone in about a week never coming back CURE for the next generation. life is fucking hard enough as it is without having to put up with this shit.



hey accutane is good so far.

had a breakout end of last week but no worse than any other breakout ive had before and its cleared up now, im only really getting small spots now. overall my skin is better and im feeling pretty positive... skin isnt dry, nor are my lips. ive been using moisturiser twice a day and lip balm.

so no side effects, skin seems to be getting better but too early to get my hopes up just yet there could still be worse to come who knows! good luck to everyone else on this stuff! x

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