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so it has NOW been 2 week I prematuraly said I had been on it two weeks when I have been on the regimen for 1 week and 6 days lol

ok so like a said in my last blog I had 7 pimples

so I wake up and now I have 4 and one really bad recoving white head

still have a uncountable amout of microdomes but more like 1,000 compared to the a million i had when I started

and man I want to be able to exfoliate >.<

but I am going to wait till my 6 week to get the AHA stuff

so I woke with some MIA pimples but my WHOLE face was peeling :)

so I "glided" joboajoba oil on it and with the dead skin I sort of exfoliated, I know its kinda really gross but it worked (sort of)

I also edited my

index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=33059 (this site will not let me show my pic just click

its the picture of my end of week 2 picture

oh and I wanted to post my routine


acne.org face wash

acne.org BP (one pump and 1/2)

acne.org lotion with 3 or less drops of jojoba oil


jojoba oil face mask/rub gyroscope's way

acne.org face wash

acne.org BP (one pump and 1/2)

acne.org lotion with 6 or more drops of jojoba oil


last night

so I came home last night and lets say "not well enough" to wash my face at 3am in the morning ;)

so I woke up with gross skin and a fatty headache

but I noticed the three white heads on my chin are now recovering pimples and and now have only 7 pimples compared to the 16 I had last night

one thing I do is spot treat with BP, I don't know if that is not advised :( but I do it and it works over night :)

I also noticed that I like wearing my 4g earskins b.c it makes people stare at my ear not my glowing red grease face


starting the regimen

So I wanted to post sooner, like the first day

But I HAD SOOOOOO many problems navigating on this site

bleh.... but to be honest facebook is hard for me too

and it’s not like I am not computer savvy either....ah well

list of things to do on this website

*find out how to put my Icon on this site

*find out how to put my logs on here (I have not really tried)

*print a what to expect sheet



I was really hesitant to start the regimen b.c of the "no makeup" thing

I mean

1. I have low self esteem

2.I have more lingering red spots then pimples


3. I have low self esteem

but I maned up and went out into the world no makeup, face read from the BP and the lotion

it was hard to say the least, but I kept thinking "I will have clear skin soon, soon, soon sooner"

I like that the regimen is BP b.c the only thing that has worked for me is BP, I have been on duac for over a year but duac burned my face in the morning and stopped working after awhile

after a while I got really fed up with the lil white specs that you get on your face from the neturaina BP so I order the acne.org stuff. (even though I HAAATTTEE buying stuff online.)

and boy, it did not flake but it burned soooooo much worse

but I let it be.

the first couple of days the pimples did go away. the spots still to this day (13) still linger. so when I put foundation on my skin looked "nice" not great but nice, which was, well….. nice

some problems I have with the regimen are:

*the red, itchy flaky-ness which is a basic problem

*my self-esteem has been reduced to nothing from the single sprinkle it was before (but it’s coming back)

*the dark spots

*the time restraints (I am at school 13-14 hours a day every other day for 3 days)

*NO MAKEUP (I feel is the hardest)

and yes I know that I can wear it if I want, but it looks crappie over BP, and I want my skin to clear as fast as possible, and I wanted to cut my addiction to foundation it was just hard cold turkey

some problems that I have not heard from others:

*I try not to open my mouth to wide b.c my skin around my mouth will flake

*my eyeliner started to run really bad (and yes I know I said no makeup but that’s all I wear compared to primer, powder primer, liquid foundation, loose powder, blush, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, eyeliner both top and bottom lid, mascara, eye shadow, eyebrow liner, conceal. and no I did not look like a clown I mixed and matched)

*my skin has gotten greasier

*my hands are crusting (a lil bit)

*my eyes are dry and bothersome

and a problem that I DON'T have that I have heard about

*bleaching of clothes (the only thing I have bleached is my headband that I wear when I put on my BP)

I want to be MOSTLY clear by my birthday which is March 19 which will be the end of my 8th week and I want to be CLEAR by may or April

things I want to do when I am clear

* a small party with people that I have not seen in forever

*cut my hair and get bangs

* reduce the BP to only at night

*be 115 pounds or a max of 125 (I am 134 and I am on a diet along with the regimen)

*call my friends that I got in a huge fight and go out for hookah

*spread the word of acne.org

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