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ok so since I was in middle schoo i struggled with acne, I started to see a dermotoligist for my acne when I was 15, He but me on minocycline or something like that cannot remember I was on the medicine with using differen gel and benzoyl peroxide every night that he said to apply together. I continued to go back to him month after month and he said that the antibiotics tame time to work. So after about a year he put me on a medicine called sullfamethoxole again not sure exactly how it is spelt. the same thing happend with that medicine it did not work and it seemed to be that i was immune the the differen and peroxide. After about a year of being on that medicine I moved to california for a few months, I had lived in washington my whole like where it always rains and is around 50 degrees outside. so anyways I moved to california And right away my acne cleared up 100% my pores closed and it was just a miracle I contined to take the antibitocts and stopped the gels and creams. I soon realized that the cure for my acne was the SUN believe it or not somehow if I stayed out in the sun long enough it seemed to keep my face clear. Anyways after personal problems I had to move back to washington. And booom I was hit with worse acne than i have ever had before my face was so sensitive and i was starting to get acne on my neck and jawline where i would never get it before and it felt like a deeper more painfull acne than the past years. So I went back to the dermotolgist he started me on doxycycline lol again sorry not sure how to spell it. After two months of taking that I went back in and he presented me with the idea of starting accutane he went over all the risks with me and the side effects and the process, As soon as he explained to me that the medicine shuts down the oil glands I felt like I was being presented with a miracle, Since I can remember my body has always been oily not so much as my face but for example I would wash my hair in the mornign and by night it would be extremly oily. So it took me about two months to complete the process to get my Ipledge card. Once I recieve my ipledge card I took it to the pharmecy to have my prescribtion filled and They said they had to order the medicine by that point i wanted to freak So a few days later I recieve my medicine wich was yesterday. I started it last night and Let me tell you As soon as I seen the boss it came and the picture of the deformed baby on the boss I wa so so so scared to put that tiny yellow pill down my body, I did it haha I was so scared that I had taking it last night. But Im just so ready to get rid of my acne, After about 5 hours of taking it I was so nervous that I was going to have side effects, I didnt notice anything different last night. Although when I woke up this morning I had a little stomacheache Im not sure if its related but its gone now. So my doctors have told me not to continue taking differen and benzoyle peroxide but I dont think my skin could ever get to dry so do you think it would be fine if I continue the products?

Anyways Im just scared and hopefull for this process, I will blog everyday about my sideffects or noices of the changes, I notices there is alot of talk over this prodcut.

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