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eep, i'm scared.

so i'm quitting doxycycline tomorrow and starting erythromycin.

i'm worried about the side affectsssssssss, yes, but i'm not a sensitive person.

i'm never sleepy taking any pain medication, i don't break out with any makeup, i don't break out using new products on my skin, did not experience ANY side affects on doxy...no stomach pain, andddd yeah.

but this is mainly for my back.

for my back i'm also trying retin-a. (my chest as well.)

i hope it works!

oh, btw, i LOVE the neutrogena mask. it's helping with the scars and marks a bit and really helping preventing acne. i've begun to use it every night.

otherwise my regimen is the same.

basically just as clear.

a few days ago i missed like two day's worth of BP and ahh it killed me, i got like four new blemishes.

that's all!



with what i was using before, i was breaking out on my forehead. my pores were clogging. that hasn't happened in a long time. so, i quit the seaweed cleansing lotion. though it has witch hazel to declog pores, i'm actually positive it was the cause. i went back to the little amount of my special cucumber lotion i have left and i cleared up.

i also changed the order of my AHA+ and treatment. treatment twice a day, AHA+ once after treatment.

but i am SO frustrated. it's like i have my acne under control, which is good and all, but thw fact that i am constantly battling at least three zits is awful.

and i just. oh my god, i don't know what to DO. summer will come eventually, and i'll be wearing bathing suits where my back and chest will be showing. and in the spring, before school gets out, we'll be wearing 2 or 3 dresses and dancing for our etiquette class. and my back and chest will be showing. i feel trapped.

but now, getting on with what i want to use for a new regimen:


- MB enzyme cleansing gel

- MB special cleansing lotion c (not special cucumber lotion because my acne is SO stubborn)

- acne.org treatment

- MB control moisturizer for oily skin


- MB enzyme cleansing gel

- MB special cleansing lotion c

- acne.org treatment

- acne.org AHA+

once weekly.

- MB glycolic foaming cleanser

- clean and clear morning burst detoxifying scrub

- neutrogena acne mark fading peel

- MB drying mask (directly on spots)

spot treatments.

- MB drying lotion

- MB drying cream

- MB buffering lotion

it's just that my acne is so incredibly stubborn,


everything newww.

so, hm.

i'm trying a lot of new stuff.

some of which i'm not being consistent about (with my back only, that is).:)

well;i'm satisfied with my AHA+ and BP, though i'm now using the BP twice a day and the AHA+ at night.

i'm also using neutrogena body clear pink grapefruit body wash with microclear technology.

what a long name.

haven't noticed a difference yet, but it's a nice smell.

and for my back, as a treatment, i have tried milk of magnesia.

it's a laxative, yayy(:

it HELPED on my back; helped a lot with the inflamation, and basically cleared my chest acne.

nowww, i've also tried two biore' products.

the self-heating mask + the combo pack of pore strips.

i LOVE the self-heating mask, it is so much fun, so creative, it's just great, and i really think it does deep-clean my skin.

the pore strips work as expects.

de/un-clog my pores some, get out the few blackheads that i have, but *not ALL of them.



so that's it.!


regimennn is working.

so, my regimen;

is great.

i haven't broken out in a week.

and that whole week is the week i startedd everything new.

so a few preexisting spots got worse, but when i got my AHA+ and treatment, they went away comlpetely.

all my scars and red marks are disappearingg.

i didn't even get an initial breakout.

i never do, that is except that one time when i tried tretinoin.

i even used one full pump of the treatment the first night i got it with no reaction, dryness, or flaking.

i just love my regimen so much!

but i'm extremely worried that i'll break out terribly.

but thennn i have an antibiotic to be my back up.



i'm acne free!


aspirin mask

i triedd it last night.

i liked it, but i can't see much results after just one use but.

my skin was soft, less inflamed, better complexion, etc.

i don't know if it helped with the two spots i have.

but i used four, mixed with water (i think i used too much water), added two squirts of honey and ripped a stem off of my aloe plant and squeezed the gel in there.(:

i don't have any gell so i just bought the plant!

cause i could.


but yeah it was nice.

i left it on for 15 minutes.



i'ma just use the AHA+ in the morning, and the treatment with the AHA+ following at night.


can't wait to get them in the mail.

right now i'm using alternatives, but i have a feeling dan's products will be MUCHH better.

then my mom can have her skin revved up.(:



i just bought the 16 oz. treatment and the 6 oz. a.h.a.+ !

not so thrilled about the shipping charges, but i'm prettyyy darn excited(:

i plan on using like, a fourth of a pump morning and night.

and maybe, to use the products that i already have (on my face), the bareminerals barevitamins skin rev-er upper (it has glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and botanicals so it's like an AHA). when i run out i'll switch to the acne.org AHA+ for suree.

on my back, i am using the acne.org AHA+ morning and night and the acne.org treatment afterwards at night. not going all out on this since i'm basically relying on the doxy.

back regimenn;


mario badescu a.h.a. botanical body soap

clearskin salicylic acid cleansing pads

acne.org a.h.a.+


clearskin salicylic acid cleansing pads

acne.org a.h.a.+

acne.org treatment

100mg doxycycline


except for the acne.org bp, i haven't really tried that yet. need to talk my mom into buying that.

but anywayyy,

i love it!

the enzyme cleansing gel removes makeup really well, and i just love it.

i'm tending to use larger amounts of it when cleansing than i did previously with the acne facial cleanser, so i'll try to use a little less.

but yeah, my face is clean and smooth and soft with all this, and my two huge zits...well, they're almost gone!

i LOVE the witch hazel in my seaweed cleansing lotion!


seriously, no spot treatments, and my acne is clearing?

that is my ultimate goal.

and hopefully i'll be like 98% acne free with doxy and the acne.org bp.

i'm sorryyy to whoever is reading this haha. i keep on repeating myself.

but i think everyone on here knows how anxious acne sufferers get with a new regimen that seems to be working.(:


OKAY. new regimen.(:

i really really already like my new products. i loved my old products, but these are...better! (: i'm excited. even though i have two huge zits on my face. the painful kind.


mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel,

mario badescu seaweed cleansing lotion,

acne.org AHA+

mario badescu collagen moisturizer (spf-15).


mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel,

mario badescu seaweed cleansing lotion,

acne.org the regimen treatment,

acne.org AHA+

on occasions - various mario badescu masks,

spot treatments - buffering lotion/+drying lotion/+drying cream/+acne.org AHA+,

doxycycline 100mg.

i am so excited. i just used the enzyme cleansing gel + the seaweed cleansing lotion and my skin feels so soft and smoothhh and cleaaan! and it tingled gently with the cleansing lotion :)

gahh, but i feel bad. my acne facial cleanser of three months is not even one fourth empty! i guess i'll give it to my friendd. i feel like a money waster. luckily, my old cleansing lotion is practically empty.

*unfortunatelyy though, i have two supersized samples of the enzyme cleansing gel, and one of the seaweed cleansing lotion. good, because they were both free. they're like...2oz. eventually i will have to buy them. ):. oh well.

and i still have to get the acne.org the regimen treatment, and wait like a monthhh to see the doxy kick in.

right now i'm breaking out and i hope trying a few new basic things won't make it worse, initially. i'm excited though.

one thing though, right now my face looks kind of shiny. healthy-shiny, but i don't really like it. oh well. it'll prob. go away with the treatment + moisturizer + makeup. cause in the eveningss i don't care how i look.

that was like a post to myself. oh well.







*copy+paste URL if it does not show.

i gave this kit, and all other mario badescu acne treatments, a 4 out of 5. the spot treatments are excellent, and i love the cleanser+masks, but mb doesn't do as well preventing acne from forming. meaning? i still break out, just not as much, and just not for as long. i am also scarring less and my scars are slowly dissipating.


all i've tried for my acne.

clearasil - 0/5

clean and clear - 0/5

clearskin by avon - 1/5

clinique's acne regimen - 1/5

neutrogena's skin id - 2/5

acnefree - 1/5

tretinoin - 0/5

neutrogena - 1/5

proactiv - 0/5

stridex - 0/2

doxycycline - 1/5

acne.org treatment - 5/5

acne.org aha+ - 4/5

mario badescu's acne control kit (with other mario badescu products) - 4/5

erythromycin - ?

bold = current or about to try

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