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Retin-A cream .1%

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I have been using 2.5% BP on my chin and nose morning and night in addition to my previous routine and antibiotic and BCP, and for months my face has been pretty clear. It wan't until I stopped drinking coffee that I've had consistently clear skin for months now. I am very happy and don't worry about people looking at me anymore. It wan't easy and my skin isn't perfect, but its looking normal and good and I'mv ery happy and never want acne again.


bp + retin-a

1 week since starting using BP 2.5% during the day on my nose and chin.

A few huge whiteheads have healed and dried and fallen off. New small zits have popped up below the corners of my mouth. They hurt. Nothing has worked. : (


Week 3 of bp wash

3 weeks since adding in BP wash, and I have clear skin everywhere except my chin.

I have a huge whitehead and quite a few smaller ones all around. My chin hurts..This sucks.. I feel ugly... : ( : ( : ( :cool: U G L Y :turtle: : ( : ( : (




Neutrogena Clear Pore 3.5% BP Wash


Neutrogena Clear Pore 3.5% BP Wash

Wait 25 min.

Retin-A .1% cream

Red/flesh bumps on chin, small whiteheads on chin/cheeks/jawline.


Tetracycline 250mg 2x day


It's been 2 weeks since I've decided to change my routine to a Cetaphil off brand cleanser and moisturizer, along with Retin-A cream .1% nightly. My face has improved dramatically. All of the pimples I had are healing very well, with hardly any redness... I've only gotten a few new zits that immediately appeared as small whiteheads..I wish I had done this routine years and years ago to avoid all the scarring I now have..I think in a few weeks I won't have any pimples..



Equate Daily Face Wash (compare to Cetaphil) 30 sec.

Wait 20 min.

Apply Clindamycin solution


Equate Wash 30 sec.

Wait 20 min.

Retin-A .1% cream nightly

Days off:

Benzoyl Peroxide

Equate daily moisturizer (lots)

No more scrubbing..its BAD BAD BAD...


* Exfoliate 2x day EXCEPT where whitheads are present.

* Apply clindamycin ONLY on chin 2x day.

I have 4 small whitheads on my chin and sides of mouth. And lots of permanent closed comedones and raised scars from pevious comedones on my chin. Scars are getting less noticable.


I've been on the same routine for awhile now, and I still have dozens of closed comedones on my chin. I'm off zoloft and on Prozac b/c it's cheaper. I can affirm the 6 years of Zoloft didnt cause my acne.

I'm having a few problems. Firstly, my skin does not like to shed at all. If I don't scrub the $hit out of my skin day and night, when I apply makeup during the day, I'll get tons of flakes everywhere, especially on my chin. For the most part, using a washclothe is fine, but some areas of my skin get irritated and new spots develop, or whiteheads pop. But if I leave them alone, they get really flakey and gross looking : (

Secondly, the clindamyin solution burns like a mothertruker when I put it on. The gel is too expensive to use, so I'm stuck with this alcohol stuff. The only real problem I have now are these stupid fing bumps on my chin that will not go away!!!!

So I think I'm going to change my diet. I think I'll cut out carbs and limit refined sugars and see how that works for a month. I'll post again June 3rd to update. I already eat pretty well, but I'll kick it up a notch and see what happens..



C&C Sensitive Skin ($3)

Triclosan ($3)

Hydrogen Peroxide ($1)

Clindamycin Solution ($11)

Physicians Formula Mineral Makeup ($10+) (while working)

DAB of 10%BP($3) w/ Purpose moisturizer ($7) (when off)


C&C Sensitive Skin ($3)

Triclosan ($3)

Hydrogen Peroxide ($1)

Clindamycin Solution ($11)

DAB of 10%BP($3) w/ Purpose moisturizer ($7) alt. nights w/

Retin-A .1% cream ($11)


Apple Cider Vinegar ($2)

16000 I.U. Vit.A/ multi. vitamin ($5)

Tetracyclin 500mg/ day ($4)

Tri-Sprinec 28-tab ($9)

Zoloft 100mg/day (for depression caused by years of acne) ($?)

Total Est Monthly Expenses for Acne : $69

All this stuff has worked wonderfully on my face except my chin which has at any given time 3-20 whiteheads and red bumps on it. ARGHH


I've been on tri-sprintec, retin-a, and tetracylin for 1 mo. with not much of a difference. Still had shit poppin up on my chin and cheeks. What a bitch acne is. It blows. I've been researching online like crazy for what I have, and the only thing I can find besides acne is maybe a severe type of folliculitis, but its usually only on the chin in men. IDK IDFK!! Anyway one of the treatments for folliculitis is antibacterial soaps, so Ive started sing Softsoap antibacterial on my chin, and within One day, I saw a difference, then the same day, I thought what else kills bacteria? And I looked in the closet in the bathroom and saw a bottle of HP, and thought id try it out. So I poured some on my face, and the only area that turned white was my chin. And a few pimples in other areas but most of my chin turned white and fizzy. I just wonder why is it only my chin that is so resistant to acne treatments??

So anyway after a few days of washing with triclosan (Antibacterial soap) and pouring some HP on my face after i wash it, then rinsing it off, my chin is clearing!! Really well, it's clearing better with HP and SS than with any other treatment Ive tried!! Its freakin amazing!! Then I looked HP up on here and nearly EVERY review is good. Ive seen some people siting studies that say its damaging to the skin, but Im guessing it cant be much worse than the studies of damage caused by accutane..bottom line is...IT WORKS!

Im going to start using it as a toner instead of rinsing it off afterwards. I'll see if that isnt too irritating for my skin and makes it better...

I just cant believe how something like HP could clear me up. It's so cheap. And people are quick to say it damages the skin, but have they researched the damage acne meds can do?, inc. the ones that dont work..

I love HP and will keep using it. I prefer it over ANY of those expensive products Ive tried..


Day 94

I've started using Retin-A every other night alternating with purpose moisturizer. I use clean & clear sensitive skin soap morning & night (BASIS made my skin dry, itchy, and red)and do not wash my face more than 25 seconds. I use vitamin E oil a few days a week, it really helps..esp. with scars..i love it..

As far as pills, I've just started back on an antibiotic, tetracycline, I wanted the highest dose of 500mg, but the MD wanted me to do 250mg 2x day. I wish i had insurance so i could see a derm, because my family doctor tried to prescribe me the same things after i told her they didnt work for me..I know what works for me, and the retin-a Works really well.

I also am taking tri-sprintec now, i dont think its making a big diff. So i asked the doc i going to have to take antibiotics for my whole life because if i go off them, my face with go gross and nasty..and she said, yes, until it stops, i'll have to take pills. This sucks..

But what Im doing must be working...O and i also take vitamin A 8000IU and a multi 1x day. So far i have maybe 5/6 small bumps, no crustyness or puss, thank god for antibiotics..

I wear physicians formula powder during the day, and i dont know why but my skin is waay less greasy than ever , im assuming its from the retin-a, i LOVE retinoids.. iwant soo bad to get's actually a driving force for me to go back to school and get a good job with great i can rid of my pimples! how sad..


Day 82

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Been using retin-A for nearly 3 mos. now, and uh i still have pimples, gee what a surprise.

I went off doxycylin and got a huge still recovering..

Now i use baby shampoo, clean&clear sensitive skin face wash, and retin-A at night. I dont use conditioner in the shower and i cant rub the skin on my chin because it gets fleshy, itchy, and pussy.

I'm altering my regimen a bit. I'm going to start using:

Basis Bar morning and night

Every other night: Vitamin E oil alt. w/ Retin-A .1% cream

I'll try that for awhile and see if it gets better.

Right now my face is clear except for my chin. My chin is red, flaky, peeling, with whiteheads and my lips are cracked at the creases. So ive decided to go with a more gentle soap and a moisturizing oil every other night instead of retin-A every night.


Day 13

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday I nearly vowed never to use BP again. My face was fryed since using that long with the retin-A. I've been going bare during the day with tjust the clind. and retin-A at night. I've also been taking 2 antiobiotic pills together at night instead of one 2x day. My bc pills somehow got switched to Sprintec instead of Tri-Sprintec. They're all the same pills! I wonder if that's good or bad...

I dont even care how my face looks today


Day 8

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Its been one week using retin-A. My face looks loads better. idk if its the retinA, or because i forgot to shower last night, but it looks sooo much better.. Not perfect but better..

I have 3 whiteheads on my chin, along with all those bumps. The cluster is much smaller on my right cheek. A few lil red bumps but nothing bad. I have faith things WILL get better..


Day 6

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I couldnt stop looking in the mirror today at work. I never REAlly realized how many scars i have. I have them all over mIts not so much having these pimples but the way I feel when I see them in the mirror and then see other ppl who dont have them. T I wonder what I would look like without them. And honestly if 2moro I woke up without any scars or pimples or bumps on my face I wouldnt recognize myself. I ve had this for so long its become a part of me, its part of who i am, part of my thoughts EVERY DAY I am alive. For once I would love to have nice skin. I don't know what it's like. Maybe one day I'll have a lot of money and good insurance so I can do something drastic to help it.Because I know thats what I need.I just want to look normal, not all red and bumpy and pussy. Its so disgusting. It literally makes me hate myself, a lot, a whole lot. A whole whole whole lot. : (

My chin and cheeks. DARN I wish I hadnt been so damn depressed in HS and picked at my face all the time. If I had just gone on something that worked and stuck with it I might look NORMAL now. Instead of like a fucking freak. Im not fucking pretty and all I want to be like any female my age is PRETTY, among other things but when we look int the mirror we want to see beautiful not ugly


Day 5

Monday, November 03, 2008

The one small whitehead on my left cheek is almost gone despite popping today. The white head on my chin is waaay smaller, as are the two red bumps below it. 2 of the 3 whitheads in a cluster on my right cheek popped again.. The whitehead on my right cheek is about the same. Right now I have:

2 whiteheads

6 open/inflamed bumps

Other than that, Im pretty clear, just the scarring and weird small bumps on my chi, but they seem to be coming to a head one by one.


Day 4

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day 4 of using retin-A, I come to find an ingredient called isoprpyl myristate in the cream is comedogenic, meaning it clogs pores. I dont know what to do except keep using it.

My face looks the same as it did yesterday. I didnt even scrub it today and the 3 whiteheads in a cluster on my right cheek all popped, as did the 4th one on my cheek above them. The small whitehead on my left cheek appears to have gotten smaller. I got one small new whithead on my chin. The one already there popped also.

My face is red and it burns when I put the clindamycin solution on.

Ive been reading the reviews online and they all say retin-A may burn and peel my skin at first, but after the skin gets used to it that should stop.

I hope this stuff works and is worth this irritation.


Day 3

Saturday, November 01, 2008

After numerous visits to the doctor and hoping I'd finally found the wonder treatment, the magic prescription that would work for my skin, I've decided to blog about my past with acne.

As of today, I've tried doxycyclin, tri-sprintec, clindamycin, benzaclin, and finally as of 2 days ago retin-A .1% cream. So over the past 5 months I've religiously stuck to my routine: Purpose face wash in the morning, followed by clindamycin, followed by benzoyl peroxide, followed by purpose moisturizer, followed by makeup. At night Ive begun a new routine of purpose face wash, followed by clindamycin, followed by 20 min. of staring, followed by retin-A cream.

And: doxy 50mg 2x day, tri-sprintec 1x day

Now Ive read that retin-A works, but I've also read that about all the other products that didnt work for me, so Im wondering if this will be it or if I'll have to try something else. And its not like this retin-A is a walk in the park either. Atleast the other meds didnt make me break out worse before it got better. This my third day using Retin-A and looking in the mirror:

my chin acne looks the same as it always does - gross

my left cheek is clear, with the exc. of 1 small whitehead

i have 4 larger zits on my left cheek, 3 are in a cluster, 2 are open from scrubbing with a washcoth this morning

my nose and forehead are relatively clear, except for the red marks where i squized the blackheads

I dont think Im ugly but my skin is fucking disgusting. When will it END!

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