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i need advice

Ok so i have had acne scence i was about 11 or 12 and my mom always would pick at it because it woud "make it better" she said. I am now 16 and my acne hasn't gotten any better, it just gets a little worse every year. I have body acne and have gotten a cyst or two on my bace and they go away eventually... but around either august or september i had a pimple and i pinched it wrong... it is now been a cyst for about 5 months and i have developed a habit of picking at that thinking it will get better. It is what i would discribe as hard/firm to the touch. Today i have read that you don't pick at acne especially cysts, i wish i would have known that. I am using Acne Free Severe Treatment and that really isn't helping too much. The other day i went and took a needle and poked the cyst to try and drain it but it didn't work. there is what looks like bruising on and around where the cyst is. i just need some help and advice 'cause this just sucks!!!!!!

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