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Luckily, my results have exceeded my expectations. I stil get little pimples a few times a week. They are either isolated or come in small breakouts of 5-10. They all look like shaving irritation (and some might be) and they are usually gone within 2 days (except on my nose where they've lasted up to a week). Oiliness had not returned to its pretreatment state although I do notice more shininess by the end of the day, especially on warmer days. Most of the red marks have disappeared, but the scars are still somewhat apparent. The only lingering unwanted side effect is redness, particularly on and around the nose.

Thanks Accutane!


7 weeks after treatment

Skin's not any better or worse than it was when I first ended treatment. I still get little "pimples" which really end up being inflamed skin where beard hair is coming out. The redness remains for a day or two but is barely noticeable, especially since it's in my dark beard area.

No new cystic acne at all.

Skin has become slightly more oily. By the end of the day there is the tiniest shine to my skin instead of always having a matte appearance.

My back still hurts since I've gone of treatment but it may be that I've been working too much and haven't given it enough time to rest.


Still only minimal small pimples that really never come to head. I've been using alpha-hydroxy acid moisturizer daily and that seems to help keep the small pimples and dry skin away. I did have one big one on my chest but it came to a head and was popped within a day of feeling it.

I have had no oiliness yet and my lips have been fine (using Aquaphor at night still).

Joint pain is nonexistent.

I'm still a bit groggy, albeit with more energy than while on the medication. It could be due to the lack of sunshine in the winter.

The results are still astonishing. I've not had skin this clear for such a long time since before I began getting acne a decade ago, and it's been a HUGE self-esteem booster.


Not too much to say. I've had probably 5-6 pimples this last week, but they could be confused with irritated skin/pores or shaving irritation. Nothing big yet that has taken more than 1-2 days to go away on its own.

The spot next to my mouth is still slowly healing with the cortisone. It still looks like a crusted over zit, albeit much smaller (reduced to half size in a week with 2-3 daily applications).

No extra oiliness yet and not too overly dry.

Red marks still present from acne early in the accutane treatment.

All in all, results are very promising.


2 weeks after treatment

In the last two days I have had my first two pimples. Both were very small and near the mouth, and even though they had a small "white-head", I left them alone and they flaked off as dry skin within 36 hours. This is acceptable acne as it doesn't require much work. I hope it doesn't escalate as oil production continues to increase.

Speaking of, I haven't noticed an oily face yet, but my skin is less flaky and more evenly toned. Ingrown hairs are still mild and easily to remove from my neck. I still have the spot in the corner of my mouth from over a month ago, and the derma recommended I put cortisone cream on it. I've been using a 0.5% hydrocortisone cream and it looks like a crusted over zit. Although it's less oozy with the cream, maybe a 1.0% would have been better. I'm trying to start mild with everything. This will hopefully go away soon.

My arms have not been dry and my accutane -rash has dissapeared, even without daily moisterizer application.

I can't say anything about my energy levels as I've been sick for the last week with a upper respiratory infection, but I feel a bit more energized. I've not felt any arthritis the last week either, but again, this could be from all the resting.

Still using some supplements : 1-2 flaxseed oil tabs (1000 mg)/day, 1 zinc tab (25 - 50 mg), 1 Biotin tab (10 microgram), 1 Vit C tab (1000 mg slow release), and 1 -2 Vit E tabs (400) daily.


Well, I finally made it. It's been about 5 months with a cumulative dose of ~120 mg/kg body weight.

No current acne, but a few scars and red marks. I have the accutane wrinkles around my mouth that have been described by others, but I'm sure those will reduce in appearance as my skin gets more oily and my skin relaxes.

One other symptom that I've not really discussed: Along with dry eyes I've also experienced differing degrees of light sensitivity. There have been days when I've had to squint even in normal indoor lighting.

Additionally, I've been extremely cold this fall/winter where the cold has never before bothered me. Yet I seem to flush rather easily at random times throughout the day. Usually I get red when I've been outside in the cold, but the redness won't subside for hours. After eating lunch and before I need to take a dose of Adderall (usually in the afternoon) I also get face flushing. This was never before the case.

I'm only listing side effects as they may be common among Accutane users. They are not intended to scare potential users from taking the drug (with doctor supervision).

Here's to my first pimple free holiday season in a decade!

Merry Christmas!


Day 145, 60 mg/day

This is it! Only a few days left and I'll finally be free of this drug (hopefully).

The hard bump I had on my cheek last week never came to a head and I can only feel a very small bump where it was. Definitely better than acne I had before. Also, the spot on the corner of my mouth is still present but always slowly shrinking.

As for ingrown hairs: I let the beard grow out last week to allow everything to penetrate its way through the skin. After careful shaving, then, almost all of it has gone away.

Dry skin on my arms and legs has been minimal with twice daily moisturizing (Eucerin Calming Creme or Dry Skin Therapy), but my hands have become slightly scaly. This is somewhat unavoidable as I'm constantly washing my hands at work. I try to apply moisturizer or hand creme (Neutragena) after every wash...oh well. Hopefully they get better once treatment ceases.

And the arthritis! I hope my joints stop hurting soon. I hate how my ankles, knees, and back have been aching. I've read that this gets better soon after the treatment is over, and I hope that's right.

Finally, lethargy: I've felt really tired for months now after working or being on my feet for more than 5 hours in a day. I'm ready to get my energy levels back.

All in all, it's not been a bad treatment for the results I've already recieved. I'll try to continue posting weekly or every few weeks once for a while after the treatment for updates on the post-tane.

Total accutane ingested: 7950 mg

Percentage treatment done: 98.1% (after tonight's dose)

Days Left: 2.5


Day 139, 60 mg/day

Hmmm...I've aquired my first real pimple in months. It's a hard red spot on my upper cheek that is admittedly smaller and seems less deep than acne from before. I'm just scared that my skin wants to return to the way it was. Granted, my skin doesn't look perfect right now, but I'm really enjoying not having to deal with acne. I'm just going to have o not do anything to it and see what happens with it.

Also, the spot near the corner of my mouth doesn't seem to be a pimple. I think it's just a crack in the corner of my mouth that is SLOWLY healing. Anyway, there's no pus in it.

Almost done.

Total accutane ingested: 7590 mg

Percentage treatment done: 93.7% (after tonight's dose)

Days Left: 8.5


Day 130, 60 mg/day

I have what looks like a few tiny pimples in the corner of my mouth and I'm unsure if it's just dry skin, but I'm not going to touch it. I've learned that it's best to leave my face alone. Admittedly, I've been a bit lazy on washing my face lately, but I plan to be better about it form now on. I also have one tiny pimple in my beard shaving area. It might be an ingrown hair, but again, I'm not touching it. Let it come out on its own. Speaking of ingrown hairs, I still get 1-2 regularly on my neck, but they are easily dislodged. I'm hoping this is still the case once the oil production resumes.

I really hope this affliction doesn't come back within a few months, as it so often does. I'm also not looking forward to an increase in oil production that is sure to occur, especially come summer time next year. Thank goodness I didn't throw out all the blotter papers.

Total accutane ingested: 7050 mg

Percentage treatment done: 87.0% (after tonight's dose)

Days Left: 17.5


Day 124, 60 mg/day

I was out hiking and camping in the cold weather all last week and I was only able to wash my face 2 or 3 times in 4 days. I applied extra moisturizer to keep my face from chapping too much and I did notice some windburn. However, by the end of the week I had no new acne and after the windburn reduced in intensity I noticed a reduction in the appearance of the red marks on my face. Additionally, the indentations scars seem less noticeable and seem to be smoothing out.

So maybe I had been using AHA lotion too often throughout treatment. I'm only going to use it now if I need to get rid of loose dry skin.

Almost done!

Total accutane ingested: 6690 mg

Percentage treatment done: 82.6% (after tonight's dose)

Days Left: 23.5

Assuming I don't miss any doses, I'll be done with the meds on Dec 14th.


Day 117, 60 mg/day

I'm about to open my last pack of pills, and I can't wait. I still have red marks and some scars from the first months of treatment. At this point I haven't gotten any new acne. I'm still getting ingrown hairs regularly, though, and that kinda concerns me as they'll get infected once the oil production returns. My beard hair just goes in all directions and it is super curly. Even with single blade razors with bump guards I continually get ingrown hairs. I guess I'll have to attand to them with high priority once all this is over.

I plan to be outdoors in the cold a lot this week and I'm pretty sure my skin is going to be quite unhappy about the ordeal. Lots and lots of moisturizer, I guess.

Total accutane ingested: 6270 mg

Percentage treatment done: 77.4% (after tonight's dose)

Days Left: 30.5


Day 109, 60 mg/day

So I just saw the derma today and he's decided to decrease my duration of treatment by a month, meaning my total dosage will end up being only 8100 mg.

I'm going on my last month!

Thank goodness. I'm ready for my skin to begin healing itself. Hopefully the red marks will begin to fade and hopefully the acne stays away for good. I don't know if I could do another treatment of this stuff (but I will if it comes back).

Total accutane ingested: 5790 mg

Percentage treatment done: 71.5% (after tonight's dose)

Days Left: 38.5


Day 102, 60 mg/day

Everything is still the same. I was at a few parties this weekend and drank at both events. No new acne. Dryness still about the same. My derma commented on the lak of skin flakes on my face and I think it's due to consistant use of the AHA lotion. Just mixing in a little helps keep the skin flakes away. Consistancy also helps. I forgot to wash my face at night both Saturday and Sunday (or I fell asleep before getting to it) and I had extra skin flakes the next days, but that's been the only ill effect.

Just have to remember to keep taking pills.

Total accutane ingested: 5370 mg

Percent treatment done: 54.2% (after tonight's dose)


Day 95, 60 mg/day

Nothing new to report except that my red marks may be reducing in color. Skin still is unblemished, save the occasional ingrown hair. Still have indentations in the skin from picking/old breakouts.

My arthritis is less pronounced than before and I've been sleeping a little better. I was doing some work in the woods this week and I found that my hands get ripped up really easily. Likewise a scrape on my knee is still healing from over a week ago.

I'm at the halfway mark in terms of dosage and I'm already past the halfway point in terms of time on the drug.

Total accutane ingested: 4950 mg

Percent treatment done: 50.0% (after tonight's dose)


Day 88, 60 mg/day

No new pimples to report. One of the remaining blackheads looks like it's finally beginning to heal/push out. No inflammation, though.

Dry lips and skin on upper arms still, but tolerable.

My scalp really hasn't been affected as I thought it might be. No extra dryness over what I had before the treatment began.

Total accutane ingested: 4530 mg

Percent treatment done: 45.8% (after tonight's dose)


Day 82, 60 mg/day

I saw the derma yesterday and he says no more blood tests needed since my triglycerides aren't increasing. He also said I'll be finished after 6 months of treatment (almost half done). If this is true, I'd have to have my total dosage adjusted from 10500 mg to 9900 mg. Taking this into account I'm not that much ahead, but still it's nice to know where I stand with the treatment.

Once your system adjusts to this stuff it's realy not all that bad. The dry lips suck (and will really suck come Nov, Dec, Jan, but it's still better than having to deal with creams and tonics and zits.

Total accutane ingested: 4170 mg

Percent treatment done: 42.1% (after tonight's dose)


Day 78, 60 mg/day

Still nothing too new. I had some ingrown hairs on the neck that were easily dislodged with tweezers and by morning the redness was gone. Unlike when I used to get them, there is now no infection or bleeding with removal. I am really pleased with the results so far.

Still a few blackheads. They may take months to go away.

I'm noticing a few icepick scars from the treatment/before treatment that I never noticed before. Oh well. They're better than pussy or bloody spots on my face.

Derma on Monday. I have no expectations for the meeting.

Total accutane ingested: 3930 mg

Percent treatment done: 37.4% (after tonight's dose)


Day 74, 60 mg/day

Other than being over the 1/3 way mark, I've nothing too new to report. The accutane works as it is supposed to and my red marks are slowly retreating. I do enjoy that if I have an ingrown hair or small pimple that the spot will heal very quickly after all extra materials (white blood cells, pus, etc) have been expelled. I also enjoy that if I forget to wash my face at night and can't get to it until midday the next day (like when camping, for example) that I don't break out. I think I can handle this new life.

I probably will make these entries much less frequently unless I have major changes in Rx or in skin. I have a derma appt next Monday already (hmmm...that'll be day 80...I'm a bit ahead of schedule but that's alright. I'll just have a lot of pills to take when my last Rx is filled).

Total accutane ingested: 3690 mg

Percent treatment done: 35.1%


Day 70, 60 mg/day

Nothing too new. Two ingrown hairs and still have the few blackheads.

In fact NOTHING is the key work. Red spots are still present and skin is still dry. No overall improvements. Everything is constant. I guess that's what the goal of the treatment is. However, there are still improvements that I'd prefer would happen before the end of treatment.

I have to remember that I'm only a third of the way through and over time the rest of the improvements may or may not come.


Total accutane ingested: 3450 mg

Percent treatment done: 32.9%


Day 67, 60 mg/day

I noticed this weekend that as I was drinking new acne surfaced quicker and came rapidly to whiteheads. I did drink quite a bit this weekend (4 drinks the first day and 8-9 the second), and I noticed that my body can't take care of the alcohol like it was able to before the accutane. And did I ever get a hangover (and it lasted 2 days).

I have one pimple under the surface now and it should come to a head tomorrow. My skin is otherwise looking very good. I think I still have 2-3 blackheads that haven't yet come out and red spots from past acne.

Now it's just riding out the rest of the trip...alcohol free.

Total accutane ingested: 3270 mg

Percent treatment done: 31.1%


Day 62, 60 mg/day

I've survived the two month mark!

I finally shaved off the light beard I had kicking and the skin underneath was suprisingly less red than I had anticipated.

No new facial acne to report. I have one or two red spots that are hard and I'm unsure if they are underskin cysts or scarred skin. Regardless, they aren't too noticable and they aren't surfacing.

I have one or two pimples on my arms and the top of my arms are generally pretty flaky.

As there hasn't been any new acne in over a week and as the redness of the marks is generally less pronounced I think I'll be fine in the wedding this weekend. I have to be, right?

Total accutane ingested: 2970 mg

Percent treatment done: 28.3%


Day 59, 60 mg/day

The derma was right...he said my skin would stabilize by 2 months, and at one day short of 2 months I finally feel like my skin is >90% under control.

I had two small whiteheads that I dislodged today (and I hope they stay gone after this first time), and no new development of other acne. I have to wonder if the two that popped up did so because I had a few drinks last night. Actually it was two days in a row of 3 drinks. Hmmm...I'll stay away from that until after the wedding this weekend.

The alcohol may also be the reason I had HORRIBLE DRY skin today as well. I was in a store and had to go buy some lotion because my arms itched and burned. I'll have to keep Eucerin on them night and day now.

As to the red spots, they are less pronounced than last week, but still aparent nonetheless. I feel quite confident going out in public now, although I still always wear a hat to shade the marks and uneven colored skin (my forehead always stays normal colored and my cheeks/nose are always red).

Total accutane ingested: 2790 mg

Percent treatment done: 26.6%


Day 57, 60 mg/day

No new active acne! The two small whiteheads that I'd mentioned never amounted to anything. They just dried up and the plugs were removed upon shaving. So far, then, it's been 5 days since the last active spot. There are still some hard spots here and there and Iknow they'll eventually pop up. For right now I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

Now go away red spots!

Total accutane ingested: 2670 mg

Percent treatment done: 25.4% (after tonight's dose)


Day 55, 60 mg/day

Derma appointment went well. My triglycerides are still within normal range, and he decided to keep me at the 60 mg/day dose.

The only new active acne since last post are two small white heads above my lip. Everything else is slowly healing. I really hope the last of the big stuff has come and gone, but I'll deal with whatever pops up. I am really enjoying being able to be in and out of the bathroom in a matter of minutes now that I'm not applying tonics and creams and gels or maneuvering around a mountain of active acne.

I have to wonder how long the red marks will stick around. The marks make it appear that my skin is in really terrible shape, when up close it doesn't look all that bad.

Total accutane ingested: 2550 mg

Percent treatment done: 24.3% (after tonight's dose)


Day 53, 60 mg/day

Just finished another breakout, bt my heavy scruff (haven't shaved in 2 1/2 days) hides most of it. After a shave tonight it'll probably look pretty nasty, as most of it is in the shaving area. This always prevents a clean shave, making the problem areas look really bad.

One thing to note: The breakout was less intense and quicker than prior ones.

It sucks beacuse the breakouts are a suprise now. I'll wake up with a hard spot on my face, by 10A it will be red (if it already wasn't in the morning) and by mid afternoon it's fully a whitehead that grows until I can tend to it in the evening. Some of these go away first time I tend to them, and about half the time it takes 2-3 days of pussy whitehead before they are completely dislodged.

Instead of big cysts I am getting small whiteheads that don't really push out any gunk with presssure. After a warm compress and some more pressure hard plugs will become ejected (followed by some blood). I can handle these a lot easier than cysts.

I've noticed the last cyst big cyst I had with the dose increase is still red and the area loks indented. If that is to be the size of the final scar, that sucks. I'm optimistic and patient, so I'll see how it plays out.

All I know is that I'm getting closer and closer to being done and that the acne will soon be a past memory.

I've got a wedding that I'm standing up in (best man, in fact) in two weeks. I hope either the red marks fade and the active acne ceases...or that my friend's fiance allows me to sport some scruff. I guess I do have time to grow a beard...we'll see.

Ah, one other thing. I have a derma appointment tomorrow. I hope there is a dosage increase as I'd rather deal with dryness now rather than in January when it'll be horrible dry.

Total accutane ingested: 2430 mg

Percent treatment done: 23.1% (after tonight's dose)

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