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Hello Beautiful .

Hey guys!!

Today, it was all about self control. I leaned in to the mirror about to attack this gigantic pimple.. I stopped myself and smiled. I did it. For the first time, in a long time I had self control to stop picking. Now, if I could just make it a habit.



I have this dream, that some day I will have clear skin. That I can look in the mirror and appreciate the beautiful woman standing in front of the mirror. Right now, that is not the case. I look at the mirror and I'll I see are the multiple spots on my face. I wonder though, if that is what I want, I am shy..> i don't like attention. Some how picking my face makes up for this lack of attention? Although, in reality, it doesnt it ---just seems like it would attract more attention. So why do I continue to pick? ..It is fun. I will be perfectly honest..I feel like I am improving my skin by getting rid of the clogs of my pores. Of course, this is not the case, as it just adds to scaring. At times when I pick my face, I am worried about an exam or a friend, sometimes I am bored, or I may be taking the dark hairs out with tweezers and it gets out of control.

I will keep a positive attitude and stop thinking negatively about my image and appreciate the beauty God has given me.

"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

Short term

1. Record food intake

2. Record number of glasses of water

3. Limit cokes to everyother day, eventually getting it down to no cokes (however I am addicted to caffine)

4. Excerise more. 45 minutes (cardio) + weights


Long term


GET RID OF SCARS (once acne is gone)



I am on Minocycline and have been consistantly taking it twice a day for a week. I have noticed a decrease, however, my main problem is picking. I have a problem with consistancy. Any advice to not pick? I have a month and a half before I go on spring break. I would like to be acne free by then. Any support, Success stories, ideas, advice..it is all welcomed.

Today, I noted that I picked my face at 9am in front of the mirror..Right after I had finished washing. Then At 8:30, I picked up the tweezers, first picking the dark hairs off my face..I felt a little bump and it led to a total savage like squeezing of my face. I need help. Please leave a comment.


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