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I never do internet blog, i almost think its a waste of time but i guess that reason i'm doing it know is not because some i'm bored or have nothing to do but because of one thing.... My Breakouts.

I'm currently a Junior studying Engineering in College and my Face has gotten to a point where it is saying "i've had enough medications". I have tried everything 3 different facewashes, tons of lotions, and even prescribed medicine. All those did was turn my skin into a red dry desert. It has also gotten to a point of Psychological Depression. I've been wearing a hoodie around for 3 days and i don't know when i'll stop. I'm just sooo embarrassed that i don't want to go to any social event any more and i feel like i'm wasting my time in school right now. I know eventually this crap will go away but it seems like weeks are turning into months and months into years. Please give me some encouragement guys. thanks

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