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2nd week on accutane bleh

i just started accutane last sunday im 32 and i never thought i get pimples at this age sheesh so i decided to start accutane.i was getting cystic acne so i was fed up getting scars left behind but at 32 sheeesh.anyways i started a week ago on accutane and at the same day i started it this damn cystic pimple shows up on my eyebrow looks like i got punched in the eye hehe.its my second week and it still there bleh.my face broke out like crazy,got dry lips ,face , i look like hell and its only my second week ,im afraid what will come eeek.i have depression b4 this and my self esteem is not the greatest ,now that im on accutane i dont want to go out or be seen by anyone:(

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