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So I am booked in to do my blood work this friday and I am looking forward to finally trying accutane. I will have to wait for over a month until I can start my course I wish I could start now!! I am pretty concerned about how I will look whil I am on it since I am in Business School and have many group projects and presentations... Any advice or suggestions? And is it just me or does everyone in University have immaculately groomed perfect skin (so jealous). The cysts on my neck and scalp have become extremely inflamed and lumpy and I can't help but jealously look at other peoples crystal clear necks grrrr!!!! Poor me :rolleyes: haha. I hate always sitting in the back of lecture halls and feeling that it is necessary to wear shirts and sweaters with big collars to cover some of my acne up. Can anyone relate? I am praying that the Tane will put my cystic acne into remission for a long time... My mother took it and is trying to convince me that the side effects are not worth it... I could deal with a little bit but all over my neck is just too unsightly. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on Dosages?? I was wanting to try the low dose for an extended period but my Derm says that being that I am a pretty big guy 20mg's a day will not have a lasting effect, and is suggesting at least 80mg. Any thoughts from others who used these dosages?? I am also struggling with confidence since It seems that everyone I have met who was successful in the corporate world has realtively flawless skin. I know this isn't the most important thing in the world nor is it a rule without exception... it is just something that I one day have aspirations for and it seems more difficult to be taken seriously with teenage like cystic acne all over you body ya know? I am thinking of trying to manage my diest better and possibly getting back on the DKR hard again as it did help somewhat. Any comments, or questions are welcome! I am kind of hoping to make this a little forum for people who are suffering from the scalp acne or neck acne as it seems to be a different beast than facial or bacne any one had good results with accutane?? Good luck with your respective battles and stay posotive!!



Hello all!

I have been using acne.org as a resource for years now and I decided that I wanted to document my successful progress (hopefully) of my first course of accutane. I am a 23 year old Male who has suffered from mild and cystic acne for 5 years. Before finally deciding to try accutane I tried doxycycline/ minocycline/ eurythromicyn and tetracycline/ as well as keflex and used the regimen all with with some success. I always found the antibiotics helped with my cystyic acne somewhat but never was 100% clear. The topicals never seemed to be heavy duty enough to rid me of the bacne and my scalp is very difficult to treat topically. I also grew tired of taking antibiotics for extended periods of time and was somewhat concerned about potential negative effects on "good bacteria" levels in my stomach and on my skin.

I just returned from my dermatologist and I will be starting my first course of accutane in 5 weeks. A brief description about my acne may help, as my case is somewhat unique and may therefore be helpful to someone experiencing similar problems. I have fairly severe acne on the back of my scalp under my hair and along my hairline on my neck, I also have some cystic acne on my back and mild acne on my chest. Strangely... and thankfully I don't have much acne on my face... pustule every now and again but nothing cystic. I also have keritosis pillaris on my arms and keritosis pillaris rubra faceii on my face, and generally very dry skin. I have extremely fair skin and I am also experiencing male pattern balding (runs in the family). I have also experienced depression in the past. Given that all of these are potential side effects from accutane I want to give some perspective to other men or women who may be experiencing similar symptoms prior to accutane and whom have concerns and outline what they may be able to expect while on the drug and post treatment. My skin from the KP rubra is incredibly prone to deep red facial flushing in the cheeks and ears. I want to document my experience with accutane from the perspective of a guy with these pre-existing conditions.

Specifically I want to track whether my symptoms (redness of face, keritosis pillaris, MPB) are exacerbated in any way by the use of accutane. I should also mention that I am a 200lb male who weight lifts frequently. I will also be tracking the impact the tane has on my joints and mobility as I will be attempting to stay active during my course. I will be ramping up to an 80mg daily dose in roughly 5 weeks once the blood work is complete. Thanks everyone for reading this long winded beginning to my journey and good luck to any other sufferers!! This site has helped me tremendously through some very tough times and I am eternally grateful!! I have seen the results that others have experienced and I finally decided to take the plunge...

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