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Dermatologist Appt. Scheduled, taking Erythromycine

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Day 1: July 18th, 2007

male: 21 years old.

Hi everyone-

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. First off, let me start off giving you all a background about myself and my acne. For the past year and a half, my acne has gone from pimples to cysts and some nodules which basically appear more frequently on my back. My face however, is a much better case because I managed to clear up taking Doxycycline. Since I had been taking Doxycycline, my acne has been under control, but my back acne has been at a constant condition of nodules and cysts. Up to a point, the antibiotics stopped working for me, and my doctor put me on Tetracycline for a few months, and that had little effect as well. I made many trips back and forth to the doctors, and I did ask him once about accutane. He said at the time, my acne was not severed enough. *** However, when I visited him today, he said he would refer me to the dermatologist, and he said I might be put on accutane. I would have to wait a few weeks because that department(Dermatology) is slow (I am with Kaiser). My doctor said only the derm can prescribe accutane for me. Nevertheless, my doctor now put me on "Erythromycin" and the "Tretinoin 0.1%" cream. Until Kaiser contacts me back about the appointment with the Derm, I will have to wait and take this antibiotic and use the Retin A cream (Tretinoin 0.1% cream).

Taking: -Topical: Tretinoin 0.1% cream

- Antibiotic: Erythromycin 260MG

Waiting: For an appointment with the dermatologist (wait: few weeks to one month).

*** Thanks for reading my blog. I said that I did ask for accutane few months ago and my doctor felt that my condition. I know my cysts and nodules are inconsistent, and if the day of my appointment comes along and the acne is reduced, I'm afraid the derm would not prescribe me accutane.

Goald: For those who have seen a derm, and have been prescribed accutane, how did you guys all manage? Did the derm just take a look at your skin and put you on it, or did you acquire about it? Please feel free to provide feedback, comments, they're all welcome!! I really appreciate everyone's help, THANK YOU!


Van P.

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