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First week completed

alright so the first week has been completed and I must admit I'm feeling a bit disheartened. The breakouts are getting worse and I'm getting dry and flaky. Good news though is my skin is not nearly as oily! It's very frustrating not really being able to do anything about it after smothering my face with benzoyl peroxide everytime a breakout appears for years. Now I just have to sit and wait. I'm doing everything I can -- no make up, lots of water, oil blotters but there's really not much I can do but wait it out. Anyway, I guess that's it for now -- more soon!


First week on accutane

Hello everybody,

Here's a blog to document my experience on the acne drug, accutane. To give you a brief background on my acne: I started breaking out when I was about 11 (I'm 17 now) and I've never had it really bad, it's just always been very persistant. It's mostly just a concentration of blackheads and little bumps (not cystic or anything) on my forehead and cheeks. I have combination oily/dry skin (it can get REALLY oily. Like oil slick oily but I can get a little flaky around the mouth). I break out pretty often especaially around that time of the month. I've had success with a few things like proactive and some topicals from my dermo but with most products they works great at first but my skin grows immune to them after a month or so. Anyway, in conclusion I've decided to give accutane a go. I took all the tests and whatnot and finally got started last week. So far I haven't really seen a difference-I'm breaking out a little bit more on the forehead but not a lot. My lips are a little chapped but it might just be the winter weather. I've been warned about the drying out thing so I'm keeping my skin regemine pretty mild-washing my face morning and night with cetaphil moisturizing cleanser and then using a toner and cetaphil moisturizer. I've also stocked up on the aquaphor and I've been using that on my lips quite a bit.

At any rate I'm excited about getting this over with and FINALLY having clear skin.

I'll keep you all posted :rolleyes:

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