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I feel slightly better today, i had a good night out last night to watch the Sunshine Undergound and went to the pub with some mates.

My skn on the other hand is so unbelievably dry, just around the mouth area and its making me insane. No matter how much i moisturise it is still visible, i even used a overnight face mask that usually leaves my skin soft and rehydrated- it did nothing!

Becuase of this i will be just using the cleanser and moisturiser, until my skin returns to normal and then start the BP slowly, followed by the Witch Hazel.

Anyway i'm looking forward to tonight- we're going to a club in which Noel Feilding (The Mighty Boosh) will be doing a DJ set! We're all going ELECTRO! haha i'm going to look funny :wavey:



Today is sshit shit shit!

My skin is reely dry, round my mouth and eyes, and it looks like something has died my skin a darker colour around my mouth, i look like a fukin weirdo!

My whole face feels like its been shrink wrapped- its tight as can be and unbelievably uncomfortable!

iv stopped using the bp and will just use the cleanser, vitimans and moisturiser till my skin goes back to normal!




Day Four

So i have now discovered that i have an allergy to ACV! It made my eyes red, puffy, itchy and i could go on!

So it looks like my regimen will have to be altered!

I have also discovered some vitamins to have a good effect on clearing acne (thanks to Malcolm Cringe- kudos!) and obviously just good health, so with the loss of ACV, it looks like the vitamins can take its place!

My regimen will NOW consist of:

Consuming Vitamin C and Zinc morning and night

Washing with Simple Moisturising Foaming Facial Wash

Using Distilled Witch Hazel B.P.C as a toner

BP: Panoxyl AquaGel 5

And Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser


"Face a busy town"

Day Two

So i've been having trouble sleeping latley, but i really needed the sleep so i took some Natrasleep and i now realise i must be allergic to it! For the sixth time, in using similar products, my eyes have puffed up- i know this has nothing to do with my acne but it doesnt help the STRESS factor! :D

So if anyone can be of any help on that subject i would be so thankful!!!!!!!!!

As for my skin on day two, although i have not updated pictures (frankly i look awful!) alot of the redness has reduced, there are no new spots and it looks alot healthier!

It is very tight but no flaking or substantial drying has occured as of yet!

Now i have to face a busy town with not only my acne to glare at, but these frikin eyes!

AAARGH! :wavey:


Day One

So i went through with my first application tonight and i can feel some tightness already, feels like theres something getting to work on my face... don't know how to describe it! Tis like an itchy but not irritating feeling- i HOPE that it's a good thing!

Theres no dry patches or flakiness (bonus!) but my skin is extremely oily-looking, not to touch just looks shiny! Gnarly!

Oh well... if it works then i can bare a few weeks of hell; whether it be flaking, itching, initial breakouts or oily looking skin!

As for now im gonna take a bath and listen to some Enter Shikari! :wavey:



"Here goes"

Day one

My regimen will consist of:

Consuming 2-3 tpsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar a day!

Washing with Simple Moisturising Foaming Facial Wash

Using Distilled Witch Hazel B.P.C as a toner

BP: Panoxyl AquaGel 5

And Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser

Here goes!! :wavey:


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