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Another Low Dose accutane Log! *Pics included*

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Day 22

Last night I went to the gym, and my back was killing me while working out, and it still kind of hurts. I also went to the bathroom last night, and down there starting bleeding??? I am pretty scared. I guess I will tell my derm about it, has anyone else experienced this? Other than that, my skin isn't really that dry and no other side effects.


Day 20

I started taking 30 mg today(what was prescribed to me for the first month) since I am not experiencing much dryness with the 20 mg. Hopefully it goes good, I still plan on asking my derm what she thinks about going up to 40 mg the next month. I have my derm appt. on Monday and just got my blood drawn today before class. I have getting my blood drawn.

Side effects: None


Day 17

I have my next derm appt. in one week, and I think I am going to ask to bump up my dosage to 40mg. I do not think 20mg is strong enough. My skin really isn't dry, and the only thing I am experiencing is dry lips/dry hair. My skin looks the same as it did pre tane.


Day 16

My skin seems a little drier than usual, but my hair is getting really dry. My back is also really dry. I bought head and shoulders dry scalp shampoo, I hope that helps.

Side effects: Dry skin, lips and hair.


Day 12

I have a smaller sized cyst forming on my chin. Skin is still pretty oily, but my lips are starting to peel.

Side effects: Dry Lips


Day 11

Skin is still about the same, although it seemed more oily today. I have not moisturized since I have been on Tane and my skin is really oily???

Side effects= None :)


Day 10

DAY 10:

My skin is not dry at all and is making me wonder if the dose is too low(I am still on 20 mg a day). My lips are not dry either. Is that weird not having any dryness at all on day 10?

Side effects= none


Day 9

I think I am experiencing a mild IB. I never get spots on my forhead, and I have like 5 or so. I think it is from stopping the benzoyl peroxide and all of my other medications, I really do not think it is from the accutane since it is not bad. My skin seems a little drier, I think I might have to start moisturizing soon.

Side effects: dry skin, maybe IB?


Day 8 *Pic included*

I took another 20mg pill this afternoon. I went out drinking last night and regret it. I didn't even drink that much and I got drunk. I do not plan on drinking more than 2 beers when I go out again. Here is a picture that was taken right before I started accutane so you can get an idea of what my skin looks like. I am the one in the middle with the blazer and grey shirt. My skin looks the same now as it did pre-tane. I will post close up pics when I get my camera back.

Side effects= none



Day 7

DAY 7:

Took my 20 mg pill again w/ breakfast. My skin seems a little bit drier, and kind of irritated. I havent been moisturizing at all yet, I will probably need to start soon. I just can't wait until I have clear skin.

Side effects: slightly dry skin.


Day 6

I am feeling much better today. I decided I am going to start taking 20 mg until my next doctors appt. (25 days). I am still worried about the side effects (mainly hair thinning and IB) but I think 20 mg is still pretty low (My derm wanted me on 40 mg then 80 mg originally). So far no changes in my skin.

Side effects= none.


Day 5

I took my 10 mg pill around noon w/ a meal again. I am thinking I might start taking 20 mg starting tomorrow. I figure if I take 20mg for 5 months, that there will be a better chance it will clear up and stay clear. I am just really scared of hair loss/thinning. Do people generally lose their hair on higher doses? Or does the dose not matter?


Day 4

I took my pill around noon with food. My skin is the same as it was pre-tane. I feel sick though, I hope it is not because of the tane. I have a headache and runny nose/sore throat. I have been missing classes, so I hope it gets better asap. I am also worried that maybe my minocycline might not be out of my system, and that is the reason I am having this headache. I read that if you take minocycline and accutane, it increases the pressure in your skull???


Day 3

Nothing new skin wise. I did wake up today with a slight sore throat and headache, but that is it. I have been picking and I really need to stop.


Day 2

Just took my second 10 mg pill with two sandwiches again and a bottle water. Obviously no differences in my skin yet. It sucks I broke out with a pimple today and I really want to pop it, it's not big so I will let it be. I really hope I don't get any IB. I think I will break out a little more than usual regardless because my skin is used to Benzaclin and a benzoyl peroxide wash, and now i am using the Cerave gentle wash and lotion. I am going to post pictures of my skin when I get my broken camera back from Best Buy (like a week or so). Take care.


Day 1

Hey everyone, I am a 21 year old male that weighs about 155 Lbs. I have suffered from acne since I was 15 years old, and I am finally going to go through with accutane. I have tried a lot of medications (Pro-active, Benzac AC wash, 2.5 % Benzoyl peroxide gel, Benzaclin, Retin A, Retin A micro, Salicylic toners, Salicylic creams, every over the counter wash, Tetracycline, Doxycycline, and Minocycline). Right now I have mild/moderate acne with oily skin. I am very scared of the possible side effects, especially hair loss/thinning and the IB. My dosage for the first month is 10 mg and I may bump it up to 20 mg the second month. I live in the U.S. and have searched for about a year for a dermatologist that would put me on a low dose(every derm wanted me to go on 80 mg per day) and am very happy I have found one.

I just took my first 10 mg pill and obviously there are no side effects yet. I took the pill with a PB&J sanwich and a turkey sandwich. Is that a good way to take it?

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