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day 4 - 5

Day 4:

- Side effects: Still no headache or anything... This may sound gross, but I just want to be honest..I'm not necesarily constipated but it is harder to go. A friend warned me about that so I have been drinking mostly apple juice and trying to get better about drinking more water and less soda. Um, still using lotion mostly as a preventative measure.

--- Acne: Athough I'm on the steriods my acne is getting a little worse (but isn't that how life works, things always get worse before things get better..) The big one under my nose is almost gone except now it has a twin, hah. And everything is just about as red as it was before.

Day 5:

- Side Effects: Same as yesterday. The dryness is a little worse today, I got out of the shower and my face was much drier than usual and kind of itchy. (it feels kind of like when you are out in the sun too long and just barely get a sunburn) So I put some lotion on, which burned a little for a few seconds (just like it would on a sunburn/windburn).. but I still felt like I needed somethin extra so I put a tiny bead of that Aquaphor in my hands and just rubbed a light layer over the irritating parts.

--- Acne: My pimples are much harder to pop now.. so I dont bother trying as much. I had a HUGE one come out of no where on my shoulder, and some small ones are starting to come to the surface. The apples of my cheeks are red now.. but its a side effect I expected and it doesn't really bother me. And my whole body is sort of itchy, but nothing some lotion cant handle. :rolleyes:

----- Just Some Additional Thoughts:

I'm still so excited about being on Accutane, these side-effects seem very mild to what others have expierenced, well honestly I think they are very mild in my own opinion regardless of what may or may not happen.

I'm just praying for the patience with this treatment and I hope I can maintain this positive attitude through it all, cause it is definitly easier to cope with my skin now, knowing that this is one of the last bad break-outs I'll ever have to deal with!!


day 1 - 3

Day 1:

- Side effects: No adverse side effects. I got a bit of a headache but I didn't feel the need to take Tylenol for it or anything. I read somewhere Accutane could cause joint pain but I felt loose and drunk-ish? (haha) Though I am more thirsty than normal, I've only drank 1 more water bottle than I normally would have. These side-effects are much more mild than the ones I've expeirenced with doxyclycline and others, which is very exciting...im just hoping it'll stay this way :rolleyes: lol

--- Acne: No noticable redness but my really big pimples have reduced in size a little bit.

Day 2:

- Side effects: My headache is a little worse today, I could probably take a Tylenol for it but I don't really care to go find it...so i guess it doesn't hurt that bad. Other side-effect are the same today (looseness and thirst). Oh and, I'm applying lotion liberally to the corners of my nose and my hands to hopefully discourage any future peeling.

--- Acne: I don't know if its just me, but I feel like my face wasn't as oily today. The acne on my chest is very red, but my face is the same except all of the big pimples are about the half the size they were before I started yesterday. :dance:

Day 3:

- Side effects: My doctor told me to take the Accutane at night with food, & I ate a bigger dinner than usual tonight & I didn't have a headache at all! I don't know if that's just my body adjusting to the medicine or if a fuller tummy is the answer. I didn't have the "loose/drunk" feeling today. But my feet are starting to dry out and peel around my heels and my elbows are drying out and itching a little too, but i just put some lotion on and it stopped itching.

--- Acne: I expected this to happen but its still not fun, my face is a little worse today. My cheeks have more bumps than usual and all of the little pimples I have all over that use to just blend in are now red. The bigger pimples on my face are a little more tender than usual and the acne on my chest is really red as well. I still am putting lotion around the corners of my nose.

----- Things I'm using: just in case people what to know some things I'm using for the side-effects.

1. Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - soo moisturizing, I plan to use it even after Accutane.

2. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Tub - Before Accutane I would have rather kicked a wall before I put this on my face, but my face feels like it needs this type of lotion now..I use this sparingly as of now, just around the corners of my nose and in spots that look like they're drying out.

3. Maximum Strenght Neosporin + pain relief (the cream, not the ointment) - This is a tip I got from a friend!

---> i pick at my face, bad habit I know, I do it much less now that I'm on Accutane cause I'm scared to now, but I put this on the big, tender ones and my friend said it really helps if you're lips get dry, cracked, and painful.

4. Bath & Body works Body Cream (I like sensual amber) - I have always used this lotion and its super-mouisturizing...I've always found it to be not only delicious smelling but very soothing and I'm hoping it will continue to be as useful/helpful.

5. Eucerin 30 SPF lotion - My doctor told me Accutane makes your skin very sun-sensitive and told me to get a lotion with SPF 30 in it, so I've started using this in the morning. I like it so far...not too greasy like SPF tends to be.


Just Prescribed! :)

Hello All!

I thought I'd blog about my Accutane expierences.

My acne history: I've had moderate to severe acne since about age 13 (6 years now). When I say I've tried it all, I honestly mean EVERYTHING. I have been hoping an alternative treatment would work because I HATE needles, :dance: getting my blood drawn each month is like tourture to me but I'm at the end of my rope with my acne.

My acne currently: I have it really bad on my back and on my chest alot of the time, so i wear high necklines constantly to hide it because I'm so embarresed, sometimes I'll put foundation and concealer on my chest when I wear dresses or something when I go out, but its still pretty obvious... My face has several raised bumps on my forehead, a few on my cheeks, and chin & lots of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and all over, and my favorite, I always have 6 - 7 huge, nodular pimples that vary in location.. right now i have a really annoying one under my nose (ugghh)

So naturally I'm extremely excited about getting started on Accutane. I have had friends begin treatment with worse acne than I have and come out with BEAUTIFUL, flawless skin and you would never guess that they've had skin problems, so I figured I'd give it a go. Luckily, I think I have a bit of an advantage with all the advice I've recieved from friends who have gone through the treatment, in the sense that I'm not going into this as blindly and having to play the whole trial-and-error thing with lotion and what-not...

Well, today is my first day. My doctor has me on

- 20 mg of Prednisone in the morning...a steroid that should reduce the initial flare-ups and redness

- 40 mg Accutane at night.

Anywayy, longest entry ever (sorry) I'll try to keep my updates short, sweet, and informative! :rolleyes:

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