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Day 1 (Sort Of)

Hi! I decided to document my face's transformation. I feel like it will be helpful to ME to see the changes.

I ordered the acne.org products (cleanser, bp and moisturizer) to finally put a stop to my breakouts.

I'm 22 years old and I was feeling just too old to still have the amount of breakouts that I am having. It's nothing terrible, I get break outs mostly on my chin and jaw line, and have blackheads on my nose. I have slightly oily skin and some scaring on my cheeks from popping zits (oops :rolleyes: ).

I received my package from acne.org last Thursday (the 15th) and have used it every night since. I have felt a difference, my skin feels a lot softer. However, I haven't noticed any difference on breakouts, yet.

I will begin to take weekly pictures starting this Thursday, for my one week.

Here's to change! :dance:

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The Acne.org Regimen
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