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Day 9

One more day and I'll be done with my first 10 pill 40/mg Sotret pack! Now that I'm taking it, the time is flying by! I'm taking 40mg a day. So far I don't have much to report. The second and third days I had fleeting headaches. They were painful but went away quickly. I didn't start experiencing dryness until this weekend. My face is definitely getting drier. Its flaking a little bit but lotion (cetaphil) has been doing the job so far! I've been using carmex on my lips since I started taking sotret. Yesterday was actually the first day I noticed that my lips were really chapped. I was watching the superbowl and eating all day. The carmex rubbed off and my lips were dryyyyyyyyy! As for my lovely skin, I got 5 new ones this week, but they weren't too big. They seem to be coming up and going away much quicker now. I popped two of them ( I couldn't help it, I was going out!!!) and they healed up over night! Some of my previous red marks seem to be fading which is awesome! Oh yeah, my scalp is definitely starting to dry out, grrreat! ;) Its been pretty cold in New York this winter so I'm sure that isn't helping the dry scalp situation and the fact that I have dark hair makes it noticeable. Oh well, I picked up some pantene dry scalp shampoo and I think that will do the trick! Hope everyone is doing well with their course!!! :) Peace & Love & Clear Skin!


Day 1/2

Wow, I just lost everything that I just wrote!!! UGH!!!

I went to the derm on Friday and she prescribed me 40/mg once a day (i'm 5'5 and around 125lbs). She said that in a month or two she will up my dosage. I asked her about my diet and if I should take any vitamins. She said that my bloodwork looked great and I should keep doing what I'm doing now. She also told me to only have a couple of drinks a week (like 4-6). That doesn't seem too bad...I should be able to manage. I asked her if there was anything I could do to avoid have a serious IB. She said that only 20% of people experience an IB and she doesn't think I should worry about it. But she told me that if it does get bad that she will give me cortisone injections. I love my derm, she's so sweet! Those shots hurt but they do wonders! Its relieving to have that as an option! I got my prescription on Saturday. The ipledge program is soooo strict! I only had a two day window to pick up my pills. Also, I forgot my ipledge card at home...won't make that mistake again!!! They gave me sotret which I think is just a generic version. I took my first pill on Sunday and I'm about to take my second one. So far I don't feel any different. My lips might be a little drier than normal, but I use chapstick pretty regularly so I don't notice much of a difference. Also I kinda have a headache, but I feel like I might be imagining these symptoms because I want it to start working!!! hahaha



Hey everyone! So I decided to start a blog to share my experience on accutane. I went to the derm last month and she suggested I try accutane. Since then I've been googling accutane journals and reading up on it like a crazy woman! I never heard of accutane before my derm brought it up so I've been trying to educate myself as much as possible before I start. I'm really excited by the idea of having clear skin! I'm definitely nervous about the side effects, specifically the initial breakout....

I started getting bumps here and there when I was in high school, but nothing major. I never thought of myself as having acne or problem skin. I do have oily skin. Its annoying but its genetic and I can't do anything about it!! I started getting cysts when I was in college. It was never THAT bad, more frustrating than anything. It was like one every couple weeks, nothing crazy. They always took a long time to heal. A year and a half ago I had this CRAZY breakout on my back. It was sooo terrible because it was during the summer. My back was covered in really painful, deep cysts. I went to the derm and she gave my differin gel, that clynd stuff (dont remember how to spell! :dance: ) and some antibiotics. Nothing seemed to work. I think the breakout finally ran its course (probably 5 months) and my back finally cleared up.

My chin started becoming a problem last year (my senior year of college). Since then I've always had a few pimples on my chin at any given time. It was annoying, but manageable. Right after Thanksgiving, my whole chin exploded, out of nowhere! It was really frightening and since then its only gotten worse. I can probably count over 25 spots on my chin and its slowly creeping up the sides of my mouth and cheeks! Lovely, I know! :rolleyes::dance: I'm so afraid of these bumps taking over my face. I can feel it happening slowly...I never used to be obsessed with looking in the mirror. I can feel my confidence slowly slipping away. I'm hesitant to hang out with people I haven't seen in a while because I know my face has gotten so much worse. Its horrible and I hate it! I've always been an incredibly confident person and its ridiculous to think that stupid red bumps on my face could do this to me. So I'm ready to take this major step and hopefully rid myself of acne once and for all!!!

I'm going for my second round of bloodwork tomorrow so I should be starting accutane by the end of this week. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Hopefully my face should be beautiful and clear by summertime!

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