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My first post...

Hi everybody!

My first post! My biggest problem is my chin, around my mouth, and my back. My chin and around my mouth has big red under the skin spots which a)hurt, b)look like crap (actually thats more important than point a) and c)make up will NOT go over them, and by this i mean, as soon as i put concealer on it, it instantly is dry and flaky,a dn the area all around it goes patchy and almost looks like my skin is REJECTING the make up.

It is really bothering me as im a girlie girl and love my make up. my skin has never been amazing (not since i was 19) but this is the worst its ever been without a doubt!

my doctor doesnt deem my skin bad enough for roaccutane (she wouldnt since its not her face) but to be honest, i wouldnt want to if there is the dryness and whatnot as i contend with that even my skin isnt spotty!

So here i am, trying to find something to help my spots, and this unbearable dryness!

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