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Loving life just not this acne. I'm 22/f and Ready to take on the World...right after I clear my skin! :)

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24 days

so I'm like 3 and a half weeks into it. 24 days to be exact. My skin is extremely dry around my mouth, my eyes are dry, energy level is significantly lower, lower back pain, new white heads surface and go. But I'm hanging in there. Some days are better than others. My IB is prolly still on and off again but it's really not as bad as I had been imagining it would be. Just new ones that aren't as bad as my worst when not on the tane. OMG i used the word tane lol. I really am into this. But I'm wondering. it seems like mositerizing is not worth the effort and does not help but letting it be dry is like the WORST. So i think I'm gunna change my game plan. Get make up that works with my mositerizer (and is cheap so I don't feel bad about wiping it off putting on more mosterizer in the middle of the day and putting ore make up on) so that I'm not just letting my skin be dry and feel crappy. And I'm guna start mosterizing in the middle of the day. Morning and Night. Because as it stands, my skin just is dry and is flaking and I'm just letting it be which is not hurting or helping it. But I'd rather be proactive then reactive with this medicine because it seems like the just go with the flow approach has left me feeling miserable. That and I had like no sleep last night and feel like ultimate crap today. My skin has seen a little improvement after a couple of days but now has new pimples and doesn't look like much of an improvement at all. Patience I know.. :dance: Hanging in there and trying to be a little trooper while on this drug. It's not easy but I know it will be worth it in the end. I wouldn't want to give up my chance of clear skin for anything esp. if the side effects I'm experiencing are tolerable.


The Waiting Game

Nothing Good Ever Comes Easy Right? I went to see a new dermatologist last month. I had basically practiced and memorized what I was going to say when I sat down with her in hopes that she would agree that I was a good candidate for Accutane (i swear, sometimes I think I would have been a good actress) I had even contemplated in bringing in every topical/ anti biotic/ birth control pill that all previous dermatologists swear would clear me up if I would only give it a chance to prove to her that I had seen, heard, and tried it all! But I didn't want to come off as to pushy (more like psycho :rolleyes:) so i stuck with the begging and persuading bit. After a couple of minutes of me rambling on and on to this poor friendly dermatologist about how life had been soooo unfair to me to hand me a face full of pimples that never go away, she nodded and said I think you should try Accutane. ..I was caught off guard. I was prepared to bargain or maybe wrap myself around her leg towards the end of our appointment threatening her that if I didn't get a prescription for Accutane I was never going to let go. I'm really mature, I already know. I was happy but speechless. When she then dived into the side effects- I think I finished most of her statements. I had been reading up on it (as I was procrastinating at work). I couldn't tell if she thought it was impressive (probably not) or creepy (most likely). She said that I would have to go get blood work done to prove that I am not currently pregnant or in the process of becoming pregnant. Easy enough. And to report back to her office in a month with two completed blood work tests. Alright. Well I rushed over to the overbooked blood work lab in the hospital nearby. Got poked too many times by the needle as the nurse assured me that she would be gentle- hmm right. And now here I am just waiting. Waiting to go back to the dermatologist to start this exciting but scary treatment that I've heard and read about so much. I'm prepared to go through the getting worse period before it gets better. Although I secretly hope I'm one of those lucky few who don't experience the IB (let me at least dream). But the waiting period is a lot tougher then I had thought. I analyze my skin every morning, night, and lunch break when no ones watching. I imagine my face getting worse ( it'll be heartbreaking because my acne is mild/moderate but not severe- and I really hope that if it does cause a massive IB that it'll be contained to a few areas of my face and not all over) and then I imagine my face being clear by me covering by hovering my hands over my problem areas -my cheeks- and pretending that my face is finally acne free or mostly. I'm not hoping for perfect skin. Just the type that I don't have to constantly worry if I have to bring makeup with me or not to recover. I want to be able to go out at night and meet people and not have the voice in the back of your head going you'd be pretty and confident if only your skin was clear. I want my life back. But here I am waiting.

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