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Well i took a picture of myself on January 10, 09 and my first and only reaction was to cry which is the only ever time that a picture has had that effect on me, not even my wedding pictures make me cry.

So i was determined to never feel and look like that again.

I bought BLISS steep mask and the steep clog diffusing milk cleanser on Jan 10, 2009 which would be 3 days ago. On saturday I started with the bliss STEEP mask and my initital impression is that is soft and has a nice smell. the pump is weird to work with but I will get the hang of it. that mask washed clean without issue. then later at night I used the bliss milk cleasner on my dry face. which is a new thing to me. After using my face was smooth and soft. I noticed almost immediately my pores were smaller.

today is JAN 13 the acne that is on my face are a mixture of cystic acne moutains and just normal pimples hills. I noticed that the cystic acne weren't as inflammed and sore underneath my skin. and the pimples were stalled in getting bigger. it appears that both acne types are starting to go away.

I'll be able to tell more on saturday when it makes a week that i have started the BLISS PRODUCT LINE.

con of BLISS expensive for just the cleanser and mask it was $95.55 CAD total. at the Sephora retail store. and they didn't have the complete system it missing the moisturizer

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