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ok its 12:04 am on wed jan21...iim pissed as hell,,annoyed etc etc..the past friday sucked..ii crashed my motorcyle cut sum chik cut me off..motorcycle iiz all messed up but ii have insurance so hopefully it will get fixed;howver it WONT b the same...=(

but umm yea..iim annoyed right now blah blah blah lolz...

cant wait 2 effffin grad from skool...skool sux blah blah blah sum more..ok iim done venting

on another note..2day makes 1week & a day ive been on accutane..havnt really notice any changes as of yet facial wise. sum drying out but very minimal..

ok l8r'z



Hello all, my name is Patrick. I am new to this site as well as accutane. 1st day wus yesterday, Monday Jan 12th 2008. I am currently on 20mg prescirbed by me doctor. Cant/wont lie, I wus a bit apprehensive as well as scared b4 taking this medication upon reading all the poss side effects & the horror stories etc etc; but I man'd up and took the pill. So now its a "waiting game." anyhow, ii jus had sum q's. i did a mild search on each topic sort of as to not bore u all with the same redundant post and q's; but wud still rather ask as well as give my own insight to wut ii feel...

Being yesterday wus my 1st day on accutane, how soon will it be b4 ii notice the side effetcs?

--i dont know if its due to my paranoia, but it seems as if i am a bit sore already..had sum

lower back pains and my right foot seems a little tense. no dry skin yet..but how soon will

that happen as well?


Last nite ii bought--

-Cetaphil "gentle skin cleanser",came w/ Daily advance hydrating lotion(figured ii wud use at nite)

-Aquaphor Lip balm for obvious reasons

now that leads me to my other q's ...

being on accutane, does your skin overall dry out? -if so, shud ii purchase a body lotion with sun protection?

what shampoo do u recommend?

Keep in mind I do have ethinic skin..."tanish 2 b exact"

So to RECAP...

1)how soon will it be b4 ii notice the side effetcs?

2)being on accutane, does your skin overall dry out?

-if so, shud ii purchase a body lotion with sun protection?

3)what shampoo do u recommend?

if there are anything other products for specific areas of attention i missed out on plz recommend.

thnx much....red.


1st Day

Hello All, it iiz now Jan13th 2009 12:28am and ii am writing to give my thoughts on my 1st day on the TANE. I recieved my accutane in the mail on Monday Jan 12th(dont worry it wus LEGALLY prescribed; jus had my mother ship to me from my "home home" address as ii am awy at college) and thats wen it hit me "iim going to take accutane...AHHHHH!!!" anyhow ii had the whole day to think about it more and finally decide iif ii wanted 2 do this. After my long day of skool(btw-ii attend the UNIVERSiTY of CENTRAL FL0RIDA), & on the way home ii stopped and grapped sum chipotle(burrito..yumm), demolished iit and gave it about 10more mins for me 2 finally decide in which ii did...ii grabbed sum water n down the hatch it went,,only 2 wait and c FUTURE results...

with that we will c wut will come...


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