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New beginning!

Day 30

Hellooo guys. I'm Ashlee :rolleyes: and this is my accutane blog. What excitement! Kind of.. lol.

So, I'm starting a little behind. I'm already a month into this, but I'm going into it with a good feeling!

Lets see...some historical information about my acne. This all started when I was in junior high, like most others. It wasn't terrible, but it was delightful by any means. My pores became rather large, especially on my cheeks. My skin was definitely super oily. In highschool I was constantly putting on powder in between classes, I even carried those oil blotting sheets.

My acne was wierd. It'd clear up...then get terrible...then clear up real well...then get terrible. I'm not your worst case scenerio, but it just reached a terrible point this past summer.

I've tried ALL freakn' kinds of topicals...did the birth control, and anti-biotics. It just wasn't going away.

Soo...this summer started off great. My face wasn't too bad at all, but all of a sudden I got this rash that covered my face. It was DISASTEROUS. The derm didn't even know what to do, I swear lol. It finally went away just a few months ago, and with that...she finally decided that I should go on accutane. That's where it all started!

So, here I am :dance:

I'm scared, but excited.

So, like I said...Day 30. I'm on 60mg. I'm still breaking out, kinda badly. NO OIL, WHATSOEVER. My pores have gotten small. Blackheads are coming to the surface in places I didn't even KNOW I HAD THEM. Crazy lol. dry dry dry. Aquaphor is my new BFF. And that's about the end of that.

It's like 2am, bedtime. My derm appointment is actually in the morning. We shall see!!

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