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It has been 4 years since i had a really bad break out like this. I have been controlling my acne with proactiv and benzaclin and had been very successful. Around end of November '08, my proactiv shipment somehow didn't arrive on time and was late for 2 weeks. I noticed my face started breaking out and ever since then my face is just getting worst by the day (specially on my forehead and my chin). I thought, hey! I can control this, so for the past months I have tried salicyc acid of every kind and didn't do anything for me, my proactiv finally came in and been using it and doesn't seem to work anymore. Now I' using the 2.5% bp twice a day like recommended and using cetaphil as my moisturizer and its helping very little (i mean very little and slooooow). On Friday, I finally went to my dermatologist and told her all the things I've tried; she said she'll start me on accutane instead on February. She told me all the restrictions, side effects (mood swings, dryness and more), risks, and a great outcome . Need to get back on birth control pills also. Great, more pills to take - i'm not very good with taking pills I have trouble swallowing them....ehehhehe! But if this will help my pizza face, i'll do it. I'm kinda excited I'm on my way to clear skin, but at the same time this will be a loooooonnnnng 7-month treatment.

...will post a scary pic very soon before going into my first treatment. :ninja

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