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newbie looking for suggestions on what to do/not do

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Small acne

Its been a few months since Ive been off accutane and now I have small little pimples on my cheeks. They're not that bad but its a bit annoying. :D


my regime

Since I've been off of Accutane my regime is


Wash face with water

Moisturize with Olay complete SPF 15

Foundation - clinque even better SPF 15

The moisturizer and foundation contain vitamins which help the scars


Wash face in shower with Olay regenerist cleanser (exfoliator)

Moisturize with Body Shop Vitamin E

Skin is doing wonderful!


Road block

I went to the doctor and the period thing is all good. Nothing wrong with me.

But, he said I might be the 20% that Accutane does not work. I have two pimples on my nose bridge and he said thats a bad sign. So I'm going to stay on accutane for another 3 months. oh pooo!


Almost done!

My skin is almost perfect! YAY! I'll post a picture.

Side effects:

DRY DRY lips

dry eyes

If I hurt myself and bleed it takes a long time for the wound to heal (thin blood)

I drank alcohol and now my period is all wacko. Its been a week and a half and still hasn't stopped. I'm scarred!


my acne has cleared quite a lot. there are just a lot of red spots from the acne but nothing make up can't hide. i use clinque superfit makeup or something like that and its really nice!

side effects:

bad bad stomach aches

the worst period of my life (i felt like fainting and puking)

sun burns on the shoulder

peeling of skin on arms

dry dry dry lips (use vaseline jelly)

I drank a pint of beer and I'm still alive! my liver is still okay


So it was my 19th birthday on March 29th and I didn't drink. It was very upsetting because when you turn legal you're suppose to drink and it only happens once. Anyways, I have decided that smoking pot is a safe bet. I'm celebrating my 19th tonight and I'll tell everybody what happens later!

Any objections?


Oh, it's that time of year when no one wants to get sick. It's the end of the school year and everything is due. Exams... Papers... Projects... Assignments... SIGH. Due to the busy schedule, my stress has been effecting my immune system, therefore I am sick.

Skin wise: very dry around the neck and ear lobe area. I use clinique moisturizer which kind of stings but helps. I also use Eurcerin.

Acne getting better. Hopefully I'm just jinxing it. Knock on wood.


Hey everyone!!!

So I got a new dosage. One day I take 2 40mg and then the next day I take just 1 40mg and then alternate. It's going fine to far. My face still sucks. I'll post pictures up later. I still get the odd big-cyst-that-lasts-forever once in a while. I got one on my cheek right now.

The doctor thought that I'm weird because I'm such a small girl getting a high dosage and I'm not getting any big side effects. The only one I have is the dry skin and lip problem. I use Shea Butter. It works like a miracle. IT IS A MIRACLE!!! I used to use Vaseline jelly but that didn't stay on so well. Too greasy feeling.

Today I went to school without any make up. I felt self conscience but then I though... "Well F@#$ it, who cares what I look like. I'm going to be the bomb when this all is done!"


Day 55 - Dry skin!

Wow... I have never had such dry skin! My skin is peeling!!! My face and neck have lots of dry patches. The cold dry weather doesn't help either. Face is breaking out again... oh that good ol' monthly friend. My always gets worst when it happens.



dry patchy skin on my neck and one patch on my cheek

head aches... non-stop for about 2 days

stomach aches that feels like a crab pinching your solar plexus or your food is just not disgesting

Its the third day now and the stomach thing went away in the morning and head aches are gone but i still have the patchy skin. Eucerin works like a miracle cream!


Just got back from Hawaii!

But here's the question: Did the sun make my acne worse?

My dad said my skin was getting better but what I saw in the mirror was worse. I have a lot more cysts and the hurt a lot. One good thing about being in the sun and ocean all the time was that it dried up my white heads. I didn't really pick at my face at all which is an amazing improvement. Usually I pick maybe two or more pimples every day. It's a habit that I find really really REALLY hard to break.

Right now my skin has about 4 really big white heads around my mouth and lots of hurting cysts on my cheeks and forehead. I was examining my face when I was in the airport washroom and I have concluded that my face looks like the moon.

Its round and has reversed craters. Around the craters its all dry skin and drying up.


2nd Month - 40mg

Hi everyone!

I just started my second month and my prescription now is 40mg, brand: Clarus. I have Green Shield health insurance (I have it because I paid it with my tuition) and the 40mg was $32.

My doctor said I wasn't suppose to break out and I thought that was weird that he said that. He then prescribed to me a Sudsing (soap water) Antibacterial Skin Cleanser called pHisoHex Hexachlorophene 3% (w/w) Cleansing Emulsion USP. Description: Removes germs (bacteria) from skin and inhibits their growth (cumulative bacteriostatic action) is used routinely. So hoepfully this stuff is a good cleanser. If not, it wasn't that expensive (with health insurance).\

I'm still getting a heck of a lot of cysts. Especially around my hair line and chin and cheeks. Thats pretty much my whole face. My skin isn't oily and it isn't dry, it just is normal right now. My lips are DRY and I moisturize them with Vaseline jelly.

I'm going to HAWAII tomorrow! YAY. Hopefully the sun doesn't kill my face.

<3 Kim


Day 26

It has almost been one month and there is no improvement. My face is a mess. I would take pictures but it just looks the same as the latest picture that I posted, but a bit more red.

Side effects... I only have the break outs.


I usually don't drink but last night it was a celebration and I did. I'm wondering if the decision I made will catch up with me in a week or so. Does it make me break out more? What happens when you drink alcohol while on Accutane?

My face is not so lovely. It's actually so bad that I shouldn't be going out BUT I don't let my face control me so I try not to care. There are lots and lots of cysts and they hurt. Makeup won't even hide the redness but at the same time I hate wearing makeup... it makes me feel gross.

I don't have any other side effect other than break outs. No dry lips, not much pain (none at all really), no dry eyes (and I wear contacts), no head aches. I'm thinking it might be the low dosage of 10mg though. Hopefully I never get side effects.


Day 4

Okay, still no change. I'm still exercising three times a week and am hoping that I don't have any joint side effects. Knock on wood.


Day 2

So today is the second day. I don't feel different or feel different. When will I feel the side effects? In a week or so?




I'm definitely a newbie and am thinking that a blog might be helpful for me to get through this hard process. Hopefully I can get some help and suggestions from people!

My name is Kim

Age: 18


Asian - Vietnamese

Have had acne since I was 12

Live in Victoria, BC, Canada

Acne type: It used to be just normal acne but now its mostly nodules and cysts. I consider it to be moderate/severe but compared to others it's moderate.

I'm taking Accuntane because I'm sick and tired of the cysts that grow on my face and stay for weeks (and they HURT). Therefore, I am doing something about it. Hurray!

The cost of my Accutane brand is Clarus and it cost $32 for 30 capsules and I don't have health insurance! I suggest people buy it at Costco. I buy most of my supplements and prescription stuff at Costco. Who wouldn't want to save money? I thought it was gonna cost me about $150 a month without health insurance... guess not.

My dosage to start off is 10mg.

My regime... don't really have one actually. I've given hope on a regime and am letting mother nature take care of things.

What I usually do is:

- wash my skin twice a day with Cetaphil (sometimes I forget about it)

- then I moisturize with Oxy Daily Moisturizure with SPF 15 in the morning

- Body Shop Tea Tree Oil night lotion at night (most of the time I forget)

I have a bad habit of popping pimples. When I do, I always put on Polysporin to kill the bacteria and heal it.

More to come about the side effects of Accutane