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Day 95

nothing new really to report...

visited the derm week before last and he's still keeping me @ 80mg/day - he tells me he's reserving the right to up the doseage later on... come on 120mg/day - i want it!!!!

face is still clearing slowly but surely. right cheek almost all the way clear except for maybe 5-6 white heads stuck under the skin. chin still clearing with the right side pretty much all the way clear - left side not so much as it has the ones stuck under the skin, too. left cheek seems to be moving slowest as there is still about 20-30 tiny ones stuck under the skin just like the rest of my face. i still have the creepy mount everest thing by my left ear which along with all the little guys under my skin my derm says he'll prolly have to extract them later on. still have a couple big 'uns on my neck but they seem to be getting smaller. i am happy to report nose and forehead are beautifully clear!!!! and even with all the tiny zits stuck under my skin i do have to say that my face looks 90% better than it did before i started treatment and i'm sure if it wasn't for my stupid scarring it'd prolly look 98% better... so hang in there folks!!!

side effects still the same... lathering on plenty of lotion - still using the carmex every 1/2 hour and popping in eye drops about 1-2x/day.


Day 56

went for my monthly derma visit yesterday and was stoked that i got to go back on 80mg/day again. i was discussing with my doctor how they made me go to 40mg last month and he said it was a mistake made by another doctor (since mine said he was out of town when i called) and that my cholesterol was normal for someone who had not been fasting. so horray!!!! :dance: maybe the skin clearing will kick itself up a notch this month! so my visit went pretty great, my doc did not start on the extractions this month like he said he was going to - i didn't ask why but was mostly relieved he didn't (except for the mount everest by my left ear lobe that i would gladly have him remove in a nano second).

since i updated a week ago side effects and skin are pretty much the same.


Day 48


side effects are basically the same - still lathering the lips in chap stick every hour, still soaking in Oil of Olay Quench Therapy every morning and still bathing the face it cetaphil moisturizer each morning as well... the only thing is my eyes seem to getting a tad more dry but nothing a little Optive eye sloution doesn't instantly clear up once applied.

skin condition... i don't know - it's hard to tell. as a person who has acne we all know we're prolly harder on ourselves about our complexion than other people (at least the people close to us - not the losers you don't know that stare at you in Walmart) are. everyone around me says my skin is clearing up nicely but as stated before - i'm not sure. my nose has cleared 99.9% of the way with only one tiny blackhead on either side of it. My right check still has the cheek bone breakout going on and said cheek bone breakout just invited a cystic to join in so that looks mega-nice... yeah right. Meanwhile my left cheek is still blah - no cystics but a lot of white heads still there. Chin is so-so - lots of blackheads and some white heads coming up and subsiding at the same time - this is pretty much what happened with my nose when it started to clear itself so i'm hoping that's whats happening with my chin. Neck is also so-so 4 cystics that hae been there for the last 2 months and appearently have no desire to go away. The one thing that's really grossing me out is the cystic that's forming at the base of my left ear... this cystic has been there for years (YES, YEARS!!!!) just under the skin and now it's like it's coming closer and closer to the skin along with no joke - like 20 unpoppable white heads around it... luckily my hair covers it up or i would be seriously freaking out!

next thursday is my appt. w/ the derma - i'm hoping he'll up my doseage back to 80mg/day again - i've been being super careful about my cholesterol intake in hopes that when the blood gets taken the cholesterol will be low enough to once again resume the previous path. also on my derms agenda next week is beginning extraction of the acne he doesn't think the accutane is gonna clear up... i'm kinda scared and kinda excited at the same time - i'm wondering how he's gonna do it - i mean, i've had it before when they take the little needle on the pick to your face but that was just for small ones that weren't coming to a head - the derma has given the impression that he'll be tackling the large cystics (which will hopefully include the monstrosity by my left ear... PLEASE!!!) has anyone else been thru the extraction like this before? If so any info would be mighty nice!


Day 31 & an rx change up

so... went to the derma last thursday - took my blood and gave me an rx for the same dosage i was on the first month (80mg/day) and told me my rx would be available the next day... well, all day friday i kept going to ipledge and i wasn't confirmed yet so i finally called the derma's office. they called me back and said my blood work came back and that my cholesterol was too high and that they wanted me to reduce my dosage to 40mg/day. i'm oh so bummed! i went and filled my rx so now i have 60 pills when i only need 30 and the desire to keep taking 80mg is slightly overwhelming. i'll stay at 40 thou - even if i think it means i won't get clear as soon. it just ticks me off cause i think the cjholesterol thing was more b/c of the foods i eat (yeah, the blame is all mine either way so i shouldn't bitch too much) so since friday i have been avoiding all things with cholesterol like the plague!

side effects are all still the same - did get one nosebleed on saturday but today i'm noticing that my nose isn't that dry on the inside anymore.

skin - pretty much the same. the blackheads on my nose are like 90% gone - my right cheek is clearing except on my cheek-line and my left cheek still looks like ass w/ breakouts on my cheek-line as well as my jaw-line and about 9 cystics spread from forehead all down my neck...


Day 24

so i'm just about done with my first month and will be going back to the derma on thursday to get my next rx so i'm kinda excited...

as for side effects everything has pretty much been staying the same other than i have started to notice those joint pains but only when i haven't drank enough water. the joint pain i notice is in my elbows, shoulder and oddly my left knee? oh well, no biggy and like i said - as soon as i down a bucket of water i'm good again.

my skin is still confusing me - i think i may have finally gotten my ib? still not exactly sure as it's not that bad of a breakout - i've had way worse when i wasn't on the meds. the blackheads on my nose appear to be pushing themselves to the surface along with tons of them i never saw before - needless to say my nose is clearing up slowly but quite nicely. been getting some cystics popping up - prolly like 10 total from my forehead down to my neck. i do have a few patches on my cheeks that are smooth as a baby's ass and make me smile oh so much! :) other than that the meds are doing their job and the oil in my face is gone! i honestly don't remember the last time i ever touched my face and didn't take away a hand that glistened with oil - i hope the oil doesn't come back when i'm done but have read sometimes where it does...


Day 17

so... nothing much new to report - same side effects as before... chapped lips, peeling face, dry nose and eyes - nothing i haven't already purchased something to aid with. the rest of my skin is now drying out all over my body so this weekend i invested in some Oil of Olay Quench Therapy lotion, this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread and i would recommend it to all you ladies out there - not the guys thou cause it does have a ladylike fragarence to it which you guys could hardly pull off.

skin... barely/not oily at all anymore (well duh, since the rest of my body is dry, too!) clearing on my cheeks thou this weekend i guess the meds are starting to push some of this acne out of my system cause all the blackheads on my nose are literally pushing out of my skin and are even coming out in places i never saw them before (like around my nose and onto my cheeks and on my chin). also have about 5 cystic zits on my forehead that have arrived thou they don't seem to be coming to a head, more like they're stuck in limbo - they don't seem to be getting any bigger - maybe slightly smaller if anything. i'm still waiting for my ib thou as i have yet to be a killer breakout yet.


Day 11

well it seems the dryness is kicking itself up a notch...

over the last few days my face has been getting progressively drier. it started around the bottom of my nose and crept downwards around my mouth and this morning to my chin. nothing a little cetaphil hasn't cured... actually haven't had any problems since i put the moisturizer on.

lips... ahhhh, the lips! it's weird - i keep my carmex on them and for the most part they're alright - at least the part of my lips you can see - but on the inside of my lips little strips of skin are steadily peeling off. i'm desperately hoping this doesn't get too bad to where the inside of my lips start to scab or something...

eyes - i have noticed some dryness there, this morning it was really bad where my eyes were super itchy. thankfully thou my eye doctor did give me some drops called Optive that work super great and once i put those in my eyes i usually don't have a problem the rest of the day.

nose - bloody chunks everytime i blow (weather keeps fluctuating where i live so sinuses are constantly kicking my ass) and only one nose bleed a few days ago.

and finally - skin - i don't know how to classify it, kinda at a half way point? some of my acne has cleared up while new ones keep forming. i'm not sure if the new ones are part of my ib but i was under the impression that the ib would be much worse, but then again i may be wrong and i may not have even hit my ib yet?


Day 4

so far things aren't too bad.

i have an insatiable thirst for water and if it goes unquenched headaches are likey to ensue. this i find odd as i stated before i like water - i commonly drink at least 6 glasses a day - 6 glasses you'd think would be enough thou alas it is not. i find myself drinking water by the half glass at a time and have noticed i'm drinking more than 11 glasses a day! so thirsty!!!! and nothing else helps. my regular routine was to drink a diet dr. pepper every morning - well currently i am and it still seems like i have cotton mouth... so i guess i have no substitute for the h20.

as i stated, headaches, i seem to have a constant one that's not too bad, not a throbbing, more just like an aching. the severity of it i have noticed is effected by how much water i am drinking. so at least these pills are doing their job - my body is the product of dehydration!

dehydration... lips... oh dear. i keep reading about this magical aquaphor that does wonders for you chapped lips - i have yet to locate it where i live thou. it can't be found in the drug stores or the larger stores so i have found my own substitute. i started off trying blistex moisture splash - it's useless! you have to apply it every other minute for it to do anything so i quickly gave up on that and moved on to a tried a true cherry carmex! i love this stuff! it makes my lips soooo nice and i only have to use it every 20-30 minutes or so. it's def a life saver!

and last - but def not least - my skin! it's cleared up somewhat but i know better than to get excited as i'm sure my ib is prolly just around the corner. this morning i noticed that my skin has started to dry out and become slightly flakey with a pinkish tint, nothing bad at all at the moment but i did pack my cetaphil moisturizer with me just in case... :rolleyes:


Day One

so, the day has finally arrived - after the many hoops i was made to jump thru i have at last obtained my Claravis perscription! Hooray! I've been started off on 40mg/2x a day. I'm already super thirsty which i imagine is due to the meds seeing as how i've nothing else i've done would really explain it, but oh well - it's a good thing i like water! . i'll be using this blog mainly to keep track of all the soon to be creepy side effects and what not and welcome any comments and/or suggestions... i'm super-stoked to be on the track to clear skin, i forgot what my clear skin looks like after 11 years dealing with this crap. :rolleyes:

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