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Day 35

Can I just say 3 words? I LOVE ISOTRETINOIN.

Day 35 and life seems to get better by the day.

My skin texture is unbelievable! Better then before the acne ever came. I'm getting compliments daily on how much improvement friends and family have been seeing and I'm regaining confidence with every passing day.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm still not comfortable about going in public without makeup due to the scarring, but with the makeup I'm really feeling like my old self again.... something I've prayed for for a long time. (when my acne got really bad)

I'm only on 40mg a day but that seems to be doing the trick for me. 40mg and alot of prayer!

No side effects except, dry lips(of course) and I'm a bit more sleepy than usual. (it's like 30X harder to wake up in the morning) other than that, I feel GREAT!!! oh yeah. weird dreams. but that's not a big deal to me. I expect it now and some of them are rather interesting. haha.

If anyone is out there questioning this drug WITHOUT depression of course, try it! Just to be safe have your doctor start you off on a low doesage and work your way up. that way if the side effects are really effecting you badly just stop before you get up to some serious doseages. Taking this drug has definately helped me and I really do want other people out there who are suffering to be able and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Alright guys. I'll post another update in a few days I think.


Day 21

Alright. I'm on my 21st day and feeling good.

My lips are dry as hell which sucks, and my skin is like 20% more dry than usual, but other than that I can't complain at all.

I would like to point out a few GOOD SIDE EFFECTS!

1st, my hair is so awesome right now... normally, off the accutane, I HAVE TO wash it everyday because of the oil. I'm getting away with 2 or three days and I love it. I haven't lost any hair either so that's another thing... my hair feels alot thicker too.

2nd, I've lost some weight!! don't freak out, I don't want to be super skinny, but it is nice to be a little less hungry than usual. I'm still eating 3 healthy meals a day and drinking tons of water. I think that's another thing that is really helping me.

3rd, still no major break outs!!! I don't know... it's been a while and I would have expected that initial breakout to at least have some what begun, but NO. My face is getting better by the day. I still am getting a few random pimples here and there, but NOTHING like before then tane. I'm not saying I won't go through the bad break out, but so far my skin is only improving and the scaring is now having some time to fade. Before I'd just get pimple on pimple and the skin would NEVER have enough time to heal.

I've had ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOO depression or suicidal thoughts! I truly believe people that have felt these things either, 1, were depressed before they began or 2, they were dealing with something during the time of treatment that caused the depression. And then, maybe it just depends on your body.

Alright guys. Cheers to Accutane! I'm so happy I finally took this step and if you're considering taking it, DO IT! (If your doctor perscribes it, and if you've tried other things)


Day 5

Feeling great! Honestly, I can't even complain about dry lips at this point... and my face isn't that dry either. maybe because of the moisturizing lotion i've been applying at night.

My dosage is quite low right now. I'm a 120lbs, 5'3, female and the doctor started me on 30mg of Sotret daily. I'm sure it's going to get up to alot higher eventually, but for now I think he wants me to ease into it.

So yeah.... not a single new pimple at this point and the 3 cystic ones on my cheek I had before starting the iso are almost gone.

I guess I shouldn't be too happy about not getting a bad breakout, seeing as I'm only 5 days in, but I have read alot of blogs about people breaking out immediately. Everyone's different though.

Um what else.... No weird feelings at all. The only thing that reminds me I'm on the medicine is waking up more sleepy then usual.

Alright. I'll keep ya'll posted.


Day 3

Wow. Finally, I'm on Accutane! :rolleyes: that might sound a bit over enthusiastic, seeing how it's such an extreme drug, but for many who know all the crazy steps you have to go through as a girl to even get on the drug, you understand. The ipledge program is so hardcore!! and while I don't think that's a bad thing, it's a HUGE hassle and you need a crap load of money to actually do it.

For those intrested, I don't have insurance. My costs per month are a little something like this.

$85 per doctor visit

$10 for birthcontrol

$55 for blood tests

$125 for the blood pregnancy test

and then

$200-$250 for the medication

It's so expensive! I just think about how this is just as important as any other illness treatment and that in the end it WILL be worth the money and the pain. Of course I'm not in any pain as of now, but after reading all the blogs, talking with people and my doctor, I'm preparing for the worst.

I've been suffering from acne on and off for about 7 years. It NEVER used to be as bad as it is now, but I always can remember being insecure without makeup and always dreaming of what it would be like to not care. No, I'm not someone who has mild acne and doesn't need the drug... maybe a few years ago I was, but now my cheeks and neck are scared and at this point I've decided that I can't just sit around and hope it will get better while allowing the scarring to continue and worsen. So yeah. I've tried almost everything and this is my last hope. Accutane and prayer. :dance:

Ok so yeah. It's day 3. So far so good. My face appears to be a bit more dry than usual today....maybe I'm just imagining it.... no chaped lips as of yet but I've been applying vasaline everynight before bed and throughout the day. It has been a bit harder to wake up since I've started, however any strong medicine always seems to do that to me. The month while waiting to start the doctor had me start bcp of course and minnocycline... I think the cobination helped me quite a bit after the initial breakout. I'm PRAYING I'll have a very minor break out with the accutane because my skin is somewhat decent as of now, however, I'm not sure Isotretinoin will be so merciful. At least it's not on the majority.

ok. That's all for now...wish me luck guys!

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