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Clear Skin Diet

1. No Dairy


Soya Milk- cereal

Olive Spread- bread

No caffeine- Green Tea- anti-bacterial that reduces inflammation, decreases hormone activity

No Red Meat

Alpro Pro Biotic Soy Yogurts- one a day (probiotic necessary with antibiotic)

Pre Biotic- banana, honey, onion, artichoke.

Reduce alcohol- I know this.

Drink 6/8 glasses of water a day.


todays another day

went to mac in west soho and talked to really nice makeup artist-stacy.

She told me all mac makeup is non-com

so i took off all of my makeup and revealed my red sore looking skin-told her i was having treatment (glad i didnt say too much but i think i justified myself!)

She decided to mix 2 concealers (pale!) with a brush and applied them-then set it with a mineralize powder, then a delisshhh pink blush. Felt dreamy and it stayed on all day.

From now on- all makeup from MAC. Will prob run out of the 2 concealers which im using as foundation in about 1 month soph thinks-we'll see. They are about ten pounds each which is fine.

Noticeable RED FACE today and yesterday- side effects of DUAC. Apparently it calms down though. It is burning as i type! Maybe ZENO is too harsh too. I might research that. But it is only on certain spots not all over. BUT it is heat. Dont want to damage too much!

Cant believe i was considering going on a sunbed am i absolutley on another planet! REMEMBER-Dianette and DUAC both say no to sun lamps/sun beds. THERE IS OBVIOUSLY A REASON WHY!!! ALSO SKIN CANCER.

Cant wait for DUAC to kick in and stop getting spots Dianette to kick in then have resurface/ read about hydrodermabrasian in vogue today (water dermabrasian) good for scars and plumping up and not harsh and bitty like microderm. We'll see in the future... looking forward to choosing my plumping facials when all spots are under control!


beauty is pain


Had 3 N Lite last summer-worked for me.

9 months later-break out hard to control

23/12- had another Nlite, (got prescribed DUAC)

1/2 weeks later ultimate break out. (PRESCRIBED DIANETTE)

Just read that this is normal to have a breakout

The girl on this morning could see results in 12 weeks with NLITE (which is 3 treatments 1 month apart) That is what i had last year and its true because after the 3 NLITE i went onto the scar treatment. (thinking about it i should have had more nlite still having odd spot)

If I have 2 more NLites over the next 2 months-alongside using antibiotics (DUAC) prescribed cleansers and being on Dianette (waiting to see effect GP says 3 months) By the time the NLite course is up (about 400£) my DUAC would have kicked in hopefully and the dianette will start to work.

DIFFERENCE TO LAST YEAR- wasnt on dianette/antibiotics so spots came back and found it hard to keep them under control- no going out always had a few spots from sept-dec (not good enough) cos the few spots i was having was me being a controlling psycho and not being as sociable as i want to be.

When I properly don't get any spots anymore mum says i can have the rest of the pixel laser resurfacement for my scars. THEN THATS IT. I hope.


talk to mum about this plan.

book NLite for end of Jan

Keep positive-NEVER dwell (doesnt solve anything) ALWAYS do something about it!

-go to 3 exercise classes a week- get blood pumping and mood up (also good for circulation) (researched today about gingko biloba taking 3-6 months to work, so carry on with this)

-drink more water





7th Jan

DUAC antibiotic-applying a film of the cream over the acne every night. (should see difference in 4-6 weeks) In week 2 of using DUAC. GP says will have to continue using this for a while after to keep all at bay. Which i'm fine with its just part of my beauty regime and im happy i dont have to apply it in the morning-doesnt get in the way of putting makeup on and gettin out the house.

Dianette pill- started taking it yesterday. GP says i should notice improvement in 3 months. But derm says 6 months. Feel positive about dianette.

MAC minerals makeup- Going to go into mac when breakout has gone down to get them to make me over with natural blonde look makeup MINERALS ONLY then I\m gonna buy the skin products they use.

Sunbed once a week-cheers me up! and bloomin warms me up! Also fades the marks left by old spots

Don't think cleansers matter that much its more about controlling the problem-antibiotics and pill. But will carry on using neoceuticals/neostrata products for now.

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