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Sad Saz

Jan 8th

well, seems to be clearing up quite a bit, although its still a little red and raised and the pores are really enlarged but feeling a lot better today.

Have decided to start a little experiment from next week. From next wednesday I will be changing my pill from dianette to marvelon. I know dianette is supposed to help acne but its really not improved mine and I believe it is also the cause of why I'm depressed.

So went to the doctors and have been put on Marvelon instead. My sister takes it and she hardly ever breaks out. The only thing is I was reading the leaflet and it lists acne as a side effect in some people, so am a litte worried about that...

So as my sis is on Marvelon I have also decided to adapt my routine a bit to make it the same as hers. I am going to use the same make up and have the same cleansing routine (although she uses clean and clear and thats too harsh for me so i'll be using simple - hopefully i won't go wrong with that) and see what happens.

Going to start a new blog next week on this to chart my (hopefully good) progress

Sad Saz

Jan 7th continued

well the days almost over and after spending all day with a load of sudocrem on the spot it has gone down loads...I also took some ibuprofen which may have helped and now I have put a tiny bit of baby powder on to just dry it out a bit.

Starting my new cleansing routine tomorrow - Simple Oil Balancing wipes and moisturiser so will have to see what happens to the rest of my skin, but feeling a little more positive now.

Sad Saz

Jan 7th

Well I'm a bit new to this blogging thing but I thought that maybe if I write down my thoughts and feelings it might help with how I'm feeling at the moment.

A bit about me - 24 years old, bad skin for 2 years, currently on lymecycline and dianette (changing to marvelon next week as dianettes making me so depressed) have also tried zineryt lotion, skinoren cream, countless creams and gels from the chemists, spent £600 on laser treatment which did nothing, at the moment using the clinique 3 step anti blemish which is making my skin really dry and red so am now changing to simple cleansing wipes and a light moisturiser only.

Have to wear make up cos my skin is just too poor condition to go without, was using mineral make up but maybe this is causing the dryness? - i dont know. However cos my skin underneath is not very nice I never look good in makeup either. I havent got acne all over my face but when I do get spots they are always very red, swollen and my skin is just generally scarred from them. When I do get them I never go out and just spend hours checking them in the mirror to see if they are clearing.

Anyways a few days ago a red spot came up on my cheek, so i started to apply vichy normaderm cream to it every night, which promises "imperfection is reduced in 8 hours, cleared in 24 hours".

What a load of bulls**t. It did nothing. Last night I was feeling stressed so I just scratched the top of the spot and have woken up this morning and it looks very red, swollen and infected. It was so bad I have thrown a sicky today.

The thing is I was planning to go out this weekend and I am really hoping it will go. It is like a red swelling and I can see all the pores are enlarged. I am also going away for the weekend next weekend with someone I love to bits and I find it hard to be intimate with them if my skin is bad which causes me so much stress.

Anyway I will keep you posted as to what happens but at the moment I feel so down because I seem to be letting this take over my life.

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