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my skin is flaking white due to bp. bad? good?

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It has already been the official 3 week mark, and my skin has been looking great! Today is friday, and on monday there were only some old red marks left on my skin, no new appearing breakouts. Even on wednesday my skin was looking good, but from wednesday till today about 5 new BIG breakouts came on my face! It is soo strange, so I thought of what I have done differently. I am on an antibiotic for my cold, but could that have such a big affect on my skin? and also, I have started using makeup...but still minimal amount, and I was always wearing a bit of makeup from the beginning.

I need some answers :rolleyes:


I have been using the regimen for about 3 weeks, and I see SOOO much improvement. BUT! after I use the bp and put moisturizer on my skin starts to peel, but it looks like the bp is peeling, because its really white. I need to put some makeup on, but its hard with the peeling, so I rub off a bit of the flaky parts gently and it seems to be fine, but I don't know if that is affecting the whole regimen!?

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