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Well, this is awkward.

I'm not one of those people that like talking about their skin, I suppose. I have mild-to-moderate acne, and not a lot of self-esteem. 8| I've been suffering acne for a few years- I'm only a teenager!

Enough introduction, as I doubt anyone would read this anyway..

I just broke out! Gah. And my friends are planning to go to the beach soon. Sunny, water reflecting more light. Great. I loved the beach as a kid, but I'm not quite sure anymore.. I sure hope I clear up before the day comes. I really want to go, but y'know, not much confidence when I break out for no reason.

I'm trying my best to leave it alone to heal, most of it is on my forehead, luckily, and I have bangs. Yay. Now if there was just something I can do with my enlarged pores..

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