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Wanna b Clear B 4 Wedding

Hello Everyone!!!

I am a first time Accutane user. I am a 22 year old female. I was super nervous about taking Accutane. It took me 2 years to finally convince my self to get put on it. I finally convinced my self because I'm getting married in August of 09. and I did not want my face to look horrible on the most beautiful day of my life, and the fact im paying a ton for my camera man and photo guy!!! lolll I started 3 days ago. I need lots of help from other people who have been on accutane before or on it now. I'll take any kind of tips or advice anyone can give. Im mostly looking for what types of facial creams/moisturizers you guys and girls all used. Whats the best products out there. OOOO and chapstickss!!!!!!!! I need advice on that i just got one from Nivea I like it but it seems to wear out real quick i keep re-applying - or is that just the drug working? loll PLEASEEEE HELLLPPP!!! :dance::rolleyes:

Thanks all


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