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Haha... Hello all. Hopefully soon there will be a few folks reading this, so, greetings to you all.

Like myself, many of you have probably struggled with endless acne medicines and treatments, with no avail. That's because there's a little-known fact that these pharmaceutical manufacturers don't want you to know - this is because Americans alone spend over $1 BILLION a year on acne treatments.

Acne has many, many outlets. It cannot only be treated on the skin surface, because it is NOT JUST A SURFACE ISSUE. Our skin is designed to keep foreign objects out, anyway - this is why it is so painfully difficult to get an acne cream or ointment really deep down in the skin where it could actually do some good. Plus, and only to make matters worse, our skin's only line of defense is to cause inflammation and swelling around all the surrounding skin surface. So not only do you have pimple, now, you have an inflamed, red, swollen "growth". Not good...

Medicines, my friends, are not the option. Did you know that eating apples could be just as benefecial to your skin as ProActiv or Accutane? And FAR better for you...

GOTTA RUN! But, I do have a website up dedicated to a natural, two-day cleanse that will cure your acne. Please visit for more information!

Have a splendid and beautiful day!


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