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Okay, zits still there angry red but less white

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Okay, I've got the photos but I need to spend more time figuring out how to download the pics. No time since my dtr is taking a quick nap.

My zits still look bad, it seems like everyday there is a new one forming. I think this is just cuz my skin is so clogged from prior that the BP is helping my skin "clear" out. Well, I hope so. But it seems to help when I put the AHA on them. It dries out much faster and the acne lesions are healed but still red and bumpy. The combo of AHA and BP help dry out my skin and the blackheads are a lot looser.

I also got the jojoba oil, mixing that w/ my cetaphil daily lotion w/ SPF in AM, and w/ the cetaphil cream in PM. My skin feels less flaky. I'm thinking of giving up olive oil as a 1st step in cleansing (removing make-up) once I used up my bottles from DHC. But I still have 1.5 bottles so it'll be a while.


My acne is mostly large ones that erupt and become pustules. Some of them are a bunch of tiny inflamed pustules that are so close together it looks like a gigantic one. The cluster around my cheek/jaw line and forehead area. My acne wasn't too bad in H.S., had some in college. After college in my 20s I had a lot more than ever. I picked alot, thus I have scarring. It got better then all of a sudden when I became pregnant my face was inflamed! I rather have morning sickness than acne as a symptom of pregnancy! I tried proactive when I was pregnant and took antibiotics. But I stopped when my face seemed to get better..I figured my hormones were finally calmed.

Then recently, 2 years after pregnancy, it is worse than ever. I tried DHC salycilic acid wash set, they had 30 day money guarantee. A week after I felt it worked! My face was clearning up finally...I was so happy. I threw away the boxes it came in since I thought I finally found something that worked. Then I guess it all came back w/ a vengeance! My 2 year old would say "owee" and point to my face....Urghh... People at work were giving me acne advise....so embarassing. In my desparation searched online and found acne.org. Reading through acne.org has been inspirational and a wonderful thing to find. I hope BP is the way to go.

I officially started using lots of BP on 12/21/08. I had some largezits, but it seemed like these lesions multipled by the end of the week. I was stuck at the airport so I stopped the reginmen for a few days. Then I officially got back on. New Year's week and even took photos which I will post later. I feel like my face looks worse than ever! Am I doing this right? Is the BP causing me to "clear" up by getting all those clogged pores to just erupt? Reading through "what to expect" from Dan's regimen makes it sound like this is the right course. In the meantime I will be ordering the jojoba oil and the AHA lotion from Dan...but unfortunately Dan recommends waiting 3 weeks before using the AHA if you are new to BP.

I hope so. I'm holding my breath...

AM: Wash with DHC Salycilic Acid Wash, BP, Cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer

PM: DHC Olive Oil Cleanser (to remove makeup), DHC Salycilic Acid Wash, BP, Cetaphil Creme

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