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I'm an industry that is obsessed with skin- the modeling world!

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2 Wks Later...

Also Have been taking Zince supplements for a little over a week now. Break outs have been small/minimal. Looking forward to continuing.


Still Fighting!


It has been a while. I still break out though, no where near as bad as a year ago during the peak of boy problems.

My number one advice is very simple and nothing miraculous. Follow a regimen closely and never skip washing your face at night especially if you have make up on.

Here is the load down:

I have- dry skin that gets flakey and congested. I break out during that time of the month and I have scars as a souvenir.

I use:

Cleanser: Neutragena Grapefruit Cleanser, Loreal 360 (for makeup days), and DermaClear

Toner: Neutragena Rapid Clear

Moisturizer: Mamonde Brightening Cream

Treatment: Tea Tree Oil

I've recently been using a lot of Asian products from the AmorePacific Line. This includs, serums, softening toners, emulsions, and moisturizers. I'm also going to be adding in products from the Ole Henrikson blemish line. I will see how that all goes. It's a lo to f work, but honestly I enjoy it, and its worth it.

Some products that did not work for me: Sisley Topical Resin- dried out skin, clogged pores like crazy


It's been a long time

So being on ortho tri cyclen gave me flawless skin! So I stopped the the regimen. Then I got off BC and was fine for the most part. This past year I realized that stress from boys make me break out horribly. I got back on BC and it was still awful. It wasn't until I got rid of the boy that my skin started clearing up.

My new regimen (i'm off BC) is alternating between Neutrogena Oil Free Grapefruit cleanser, Neutrogena Clear Pore BP cleanser/mask, DDF brightening cleanser. Then I use Neutrogena Rapid Clear toner. Wait for it to dry before mixing Margarita Zinc Cream with Oil Olay moisturizer and applying. Lastly I apply Neutrogena Rapid Clear gel. I stick to this day and night - every day. Even when I'm super tired, I make sure I do this. About once a week I use esolutions exfoliator.

I've been clear for a month! Just waiting for the red marks to fade!


two months!

I still have a tiny blemish every now and then...but mostly i don't live in fear that i'm going to break out horribly.

The texture of my skin is still a bit dry...but I think that is from the dry air. Combined with the BP, my skin is pretty dull and lifeless.

BUT....its pretty clear!!


One month and one week

A couple of weeks ago i had a massive breakout. This may have been attributed to my period, traveling, stress, or whatever. But I did notice that everything healed a lot quicker than usual.

My skin is still dry, but getting less and less dry. Also, the texture is great. No bumps or anything. Still get some really small break outs along my hairline that go away in a day or two. Pretty excited. On birth control right now tho. So, hopefully it doesn't make me break out.


One week after regimen

So there have been flakes, but the tightness is gone. This is after cutting down majorly on the bp and moisturizing like crazy.

Its been one week and other then one small pimple (the kind that you don't even bother medicating), I'm completely clear. Now I just have red spots to work on.

I still have a few small bumps (whiteheads?) on my forehead, but I'm thinking they'll go away soon.

So after one week:

This is during that time of the month, so I have more break outs then usual...

Existing blemishes are gone

A few new blemishes appear over the week but never become anything major and quickly disappear

Skin is more even, small bumps disappearing

Skin is dry, but nothing moisturizer can't handle

I'm really excited to see what happens after this week. Hopefully I'll just have the red spots to work on.


Few days after regimen

So it's been a few days now. I started out with pretty much the full amount cause I have been using a pretty substantial about of 10% bp so I figured my skin wouldn't be that sensitve to it. The moisturizer stings a bit, which I'm surprised.

So far I have no new break outs and the ones I had are clearing up. My face is a bit tight, but no flakes or redness. I'm pretty happy.


Hi All!


I just signed up today and I actually just got my products from the site. I ordered the bp, jojoba oil and moisturizer.

Growing up in my preteens and teens I was blessed with flawless skin. My pores were nonexistent, I had no idea what a black or whitehead was, and up until I was 18, I had a total of 3 pimples. My mother who had perfectly clear skin all her life told me that I inherited her genes rather than my dad's. I felt pretty blessed. Once college started I noticed I was breaking out a little. Every month or so I would get a pimple or two. It wasn't a big deal, but I wasn't use to it. Towards the end of my college career, I started breaking out a lot more, and ironically as I graduated and was embarking on my modeling career full time, it got to the point where I never had clear skin. If I didn't have pimples, I had small bumps and scars. It was pretty frustrating.

I tried a lot of different things, but I'm convinced that nothing but time helps my pimples. I came across this site about a year ago and loved the reviews I read. I didn't want to do the regimen because I hate the texture of bp. As someone that has make up applied daily to the skin, it was very important that my skin stayed nice and moist- a good palette for make up. And I'm going to be honest, I was into the expensive products.

I finally decided to try the regimen because I read how dan's bp is of different texture from say, clean and clear. I just tried it and it goes on so well. Just like any other moisturizer. I'm really excited to see the progress. Growing up in a family of pharmacists and doctors, they are always raving about bp for the skin. Now that I've found one that absorbs so well, I can't wait.

I'm looking forward to blogging about my results. If anyone has any questions about the products I've used, let me know. I will be more than happy to tell you about my experiences.

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