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It's hard sometimes, but I think I just need to think ahead and have patience.

I am already counting down the days until my next derm appt. on Aug. 20th. She is supposed to put me on Retin-A. I fear an initial breakout from that since I am on the Clindamycin topical and getting a little clearer. But the combo worked well for me a few years back, but I went off of it. So I am praying that it will work again.

I can tell that my skin is starting to peel a little on the forehead, nowhere else. I had a couple little blemishes pop up near my temples and the far outside of my cheeks. Nothing big, but I noticed them. It looks like my chin is getting a lot better. Only a couple old whiteheads there that are healing. Red marks are the biggest problem on my chin. I think everything else is healing, but even those ones are leaving small red marks. Makeup covers them up pretty good. I can't wait until I can go w/out makeup again. Oh glory day!

I got some Neutrogena sunscreen spf 45 today for the amusement park trip on Saturday. My sister is lending me a hat and she has agreed to wear one too so I am not the only one who looks like a dork. She's cool. We should have fun.

Tomorrow will be one week on my meds from the derm.



I hate getting up every morning and putting makeup on. I seriously have to put 4 layers of junk on my face to cover all the red marks from recent acne and to hide some of the active acne. A lot of times I just start crying when I am sitting there looking in the mirror. I hate to even go anywhere. Things that used to be fun aren't anymore.

It just amazes me how pimples can literally pop up overnight and then take weeks or months to get rid of the red marks. Just awful... 2 months ago, I was clear, now I have red marks all over the place and more little pimples every day. It hurts, physcially and emotionally.

I have a husband that loves me, and that has helped. But some days I don't even want him to see me and I can be so mean to him. I just want to feel pretty. We have been talking about having kids, thats why I went off the pill. Then my skin got noticeably worse. I am worried about having kids now. Will my face get even worse if I get pregnant? I don't even know if I want to go through that emotional stress when I am supposed to be happy. I am seriously thinking about getting back on the pill. I don't know... I just don't even know what to do anymore.

It's hard pretending to be happy all day when I'm really not. I just feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Sometimes I wish I was a dude, then atleast I could grow a beard and a mustache and cover most of my acne.



So it's been about 4 days since I started the new meds from the derm. I can already see improvement all over my face. Most of the inflamed pimples I had have dried up and flaked off. I have had a few new small blemishes on my cheeks, but some of them have came one day and left the next.

I have faith that my skin will continue to improve. I still have some red marks from recent pimples, but they seem to be fading every day. I don't have too many active pimples right now.

I am looking forward to getting on the Retin-A after my next derm appt.

My face is pretty greasy/shiny, but I would rather have than than a face full of zits.



day 1

Well, it has now been 1 day since I started my new prescriptions from the derm. I haven't seen any real change, but it doesn't look like anything new has popped up either. So, that's good.

The tetracycline seems to be mixing well with my body. I haven't gotten sick or anything. And the clindamycin felt refreshing on my face, it didn't burn.

I took a photo last night after starting my first treatment. So I will post that one along with another one after 1 week to see if there are any noticable changes.

On to tomorrow...



So my visit with the derm finally came today. I have been to this derm before, when my skin was really bad as a teen, which was 10 years ago. So... they pulled out my file and asked a few questions.

I was give Tetracycline 500mg to be taken twice a day.

Also, Clindamycin topical solution.

I am starting this tonight. This is basically what I was on 10 years ago and it worked for me then. I was clear for years. Then I went off of it and was clear for a few more years. Now this year, I start breaking out. So I am going back to what worked.

I am scheduled to go back to the derm in 4 weeks. Then she wants to put me on Retin-A. I was also on that years ago and it worked wonders.

But... when I asked her about vitamin supplements, she said to avoid them while on the antibiotics. So, all those pills I bought over the past few days will be sitting in my medicine cabinet for a few weeks. Hmmm... acne is expensive!

I will post updates...



I picked up some Vitex (chasteberry) on my way home from work today. I took one tonight with dinner. I am adding that to my daily supplements.

I have only been washing my face with Cetaphil and not applying anything else, morning and night, and so far I haven't seen much of anything new arriving on my face. Other areas look like they are healing. So that's an improvement! I just wish I didn't have to wear this makeup to cover all the red marks...ugg.

Last night I tried sleeping on my back to avoid laying either side of my face on the pillow. That was tough, I hardly got any sleep. I will try again tonight. It will probably work better since I am so tired.

I have my Derm appt. tomorrow afternoon. I have been counting down the days. I have a handful of questions written down to ask him/her. I hope to get some answers. I will post an update on the visit and my prescriptions.



since Friday night I have been using 0 products on my face. The only thing I am doing is washing my face, morning and night, with Cetaphil.

And the longer I am off of Proactive products, the better my skin has gotten. It's not as dry, flaky and irritated anymore.

I am on day 2 of taking supplaments. I take zinc and fish oil every morning with breafast. I have also started drinking one cup of green tea a day. Other than that, I mainly drink water with every meal and in between.

More vegetables have also entered my daily routine. I am feeling pretty positive today and looking forward to each new day to see how my skin improves.

I am anxious to go to the Derm on Tuesday. I really want to get something that will clear the red marks on my face. I mostly get Comedonal acne on my chin and a little on my forehead. Sometimes I also get whiteheads on my chin. I look forward to getting a hold on this soon since it isn't that severe.

I am also researching the Everyday Minerals makeup. I think I am going to order the samples tonight.

I want to leave you today with something I read and just wanted to share...

Live Life Now!!

If you have been waiting a long time for something you have been believing in God for and have not seen much progress, you are probably getting very tired of waiting. I want to encourage you to take a fresh attitude toward waiting. Keep living the life you have now while you are waiting for things that are in your heart to come to pass. We can become so intent on trying to birth the next thing that we do not take care of and enjoy the things at hand.

"Moreover let us also be full of joy now!" - Romans 5:3

-Joyce Meyer



So I just put the ACV on this morning after I cleansed with Cetaphil in the shower. I noticed a few new white heads on my chin, very small. But this is nothing new. Just a regular day for me. I wish my skin was normal.

I did the ACV last night too. I also moisturized with Cetaphil lotion. When I got up this morning, my face was SO greasy.

I also ordered some vitamin supplaments. ACV, Copper, Zinc and Fish Oil. I want to start taking those soon.

I have been drinking mostly water every day for the past 4 months. I only have a soda every once in a while and I drink a cup of hot tea every morning.

Currently I am washing my towels and pillow covers again. I have started changing my towels every other day and washing my pillow covers once a week. Anything helps I guess.

I don't know if I am going to do the ACV tonight or not... I might just wash with Cetaphil. I have a derm appt. on Tuesday. I should probably have my face clear of products in order to start whatever he prescribes.

I am going to go put some makeup on now.


some background info

I am now almost 26 years old and acne is creeping up on me… again.

I was around 14 when I first started breaking out. It was never contained to one area of my face, it was all over. I would say I had a mild- severe case of acne. I tried some OTC medications like Clearasil and oxy pads with no luck. I tried not to let it bother me, hey everyone gets pimples right? We’re teenagers. But this was getting out of hand. It got to the point where I would make excuses not to go to school. I hated the way people looked at me, or the way I “thought†they looked at me. Every one of my friends and family members would tell me, “it doesn’t look badâ€, but they didn’t have acne and they didn’t have to deal with it.

After expressing my agony to my mom, (she had bad acne as a teen) she made an appointment with a dermatologist. I was prescribed Cetaphil face wash, Cleocin T Gel, Retin-A and Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control. I was on this for 4 years and my skin was amazingly clear!

At age 18 I started college and I quit using all of the topicals, but stayed on the pill. I stopped seeing the dermatologist too. My skin continued to stay clear for the next 4 years. The only thing I used on my face was Cetaphil wash twice a day and some regular Hydrogen Peroxide twice a day.

That simple solution seemed to work wonders until I was 23. I could see new pimples forming here and there. So I ordered Proactive solution. I have been on that for 2 years and it seemed to work fine up until one month ago. I broke out all over my face. Just little red bumps with white puss. I also quit taking the birth control about 4 months ago because my husband and I were talking about starting a family.

Now 5 weeks after this initial breakout, my skin seems ruined. It is so dry and flaky and I have red/brown marks on my chin and on my upper lip. That is where the breakout was the worst. I continue to wake up every morning with a handful of new tiny white heads on my chin.

I stopped using Proactive. Now I am washing my face with Cetaphil morning and night. I think I will try the Cetaphil moisturizer at night.

I am thinking about starting the Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner twice a day after I wash my face. Just to see what it will do... I have been reading a lot about it on here.


a new start

So today I went off of proactive solution all together. It was really hurting my face. It worked fine for 2 years then just stopped. Made my skin so dry, flaky and red. Plus I had new breakouts almost every day for the past month.

Tonight I washed my face with cetaphil and then used apple cider vinegar as a toner, full strength. It burned a little, smelled nasty and my eyes stung a bit, but all that has went away.

I have quite a few red/brown marks on my chin and upper lip. I also saw one new tiny white head when I washed off my makeup. Ugg. I applied a drop of Benzoyl peroxide to it.

Lets see what morning brings.

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